I mean, I’m not big in paying $30++ for a cocktail. That said, the beer margarita cocktails are definitely delish and easy drinking, perfect accompaniment with succulent saucy tacos. The kimchi fries are well-dressed with roasted carnitas, chunky kimchi, sour cream, cheese ... basically the whole kitchen sink. A messy eat for sure but well worth the calories. Pricey at $19, it’s best for sharing. I also used this opportunity to test out the #iphone11pro ‘s night mode (swipe to last picture). Holding still at 2s is an art, imagine asking a live subject to do that too...

I couldn’t recognise the items from the picture in the menu and to my horror - there were cheesy bacon and some other cheese thing that threw me off. The egg is more of a ramen egg (hard egg whites with molten yolk) instead of true onsen eggs. This tendon while tasty, is not something I’d eagerly return for.

These fluffy mini yams (taro) are only available around Mid Autumn’s Festivals, best boiled till soft and the skin is edible for extra fibre. It is tasty on its own or you could eat it with your favourite condiments - both sweet and savoury.

Tender enough to slice with the spoon- though our subsequent repeat order was not as soft- this flavourful slab dictates you order rice to go along. Also highly recommended is the herbal chicken that is reminiscent of herbs used in turtle soups, this is certainly a fortifying dish. To balance our greasy but satisfying meal is a side of well-charred and well-seasoned Brussels sprouts. Salted Plum is a casual Taiwanese eatery that packs a punch, providing a mid-price option between Shilin Chicken and restaurants like Shin Yeh. Worth bringing your parents and dates to.

You’d think they are run of the mill tater tots but no, it’s crispy on the outside and soft pillowy finely mashed on the inside. The sauce is salty but moreish. The beef might be a touch more well done, but given this is a makeshift bazaar, I’m fairly impressed. At $14 I think it’s well-priced given the state of inflationary food prices in Singapore. FYI, this is from Fyr at Armenian Street part of Singapore Night Fest. #sgnightfest

Many prefer MSW for its fleshiness and flat seed, but I found the Red Prawn creamy and complex in flavour. The seeds are bigger but since it’s more affordable than MSW you can order more of that. There’s free same-day delivery for $80+, and conveniently dehusked and fresh with no guesswork nor labour needed. Very satisfied with my durians!

Apart from the run of the mill mookata ingredients, I particularly enjoyed their Thai spicy sauce marinated prawns that are already peeled and primed for grilling. The soup however is a sad excuse for water but knowing all the juices and fats will flavor it after 15 minutes, all is forgiven. And guess what, this place runs 24/7 so supper is reality.

The Origjnal (pic2) is forgettable, and so is the Momo Curry (pic3). The Spicy Sichuan (pic4) and Sichuan Pork Noodles (pic5) both lacked the heat and numbing pepper of Sichuan cuisine, but a good rendition worth a try. The dessert dumplings are cute little pear pouches deep fried to a golden crisp served with ice cream, like tiny apple pies. Overall, I enjoyed the pierogi and can only, hand to heart, recommend that.

I love their variety and value-for-money set meal comprising of amuse bouche, soup, salad, main, dessert and a beverage for $38++. That is not the best part - their stellar service crew is empowered to suggest that 4 pax to order just 3 meals for sharing as their serving size is large. We had a good selection of salads and mains. The star pizza and baked truffle pasta are must-haves. Using only premium ingredient, their soups are well brewed and didn’t come across as missing anything. I highly recommend this place for a change of palate and how you typically regard vegetarian food being just mock meat and tofu. Also, let me know if you like this video format if presenting my eats :)

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Vietnamese pho. Nestled between Thailand and Vietnam, such cuisine aren’t rare in Cambodia and they are usually well made. The same goes for this hearty bowl of beef pho that is more cosmopolitan and hence palatable to me. The rolls were also rather Westernized, if you get what I mean. An affordable noodle meal (USD3.6 for small, 4.5 for large) in the swanky BKK1 neighbourhood alongside Raffles International Montessori.