Nara oh Nara... I used to tell everyone around me how great the food was especially the Tom Yum soup. Not cheap for a 2 person portion but great ambience & quality ingredients so why not right?

I’m not sure if it was a kitchen malfunction just that very day but the soup wasn’t piping hot like usual & tasted quite off when I visited. It used to be thick, creamy with strong flavours from the prawn stock. But it didn’t quite pack a punch like how it usually would.

The other dishes weren’t hot as well when served & the portion of the basil chicken was kinda pathetic for the price paid.

Should I give it another chance? Maybe...... :/

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Always love a good rosti with sour cream from Marché! It’s so satisfying and exciting to watch by the sides while waiting how the potatoes are being hand grated into strips and eventually being pan-fried. Let’s not forget the final slab of sour cream that goes on top 🤤 Some places have rostis that are way oily/tasteless/soft. This place does it just fine and crisp👌🏻 but I probably shouldn’t have added the got a bit too sinful!

A simple thin crusty & crispy Hawaiian pizza with extremely juicy pineapples ✨ so satisfying

A friend casually mentioned about this hotpot place that had MSG-Free soup and obviously I had to try!

Ordered the twin pot containing mushroom soup + mala ($25) & it was heavenly. To be warned that prices are not cheap like other budget hotpot places & very close to Hai Di Lao/Beauty In The Pot even. Luckily Eatigo had a 50% off for the time period we picked and everything came up to about $120 ($60+ for 2 pax after discount)!!!

I really really enjoyed the mushroom soup and I left the restaurant feeling super satisfied instead of feeling thirsty/bloated/heavy/uncomfortable like what other hotpot places would.

Really would come back again but my only gribe was that the selection of beef was limited to 2 types - Angus Oysterblade & US Short Ribs. They were quality cuts after all, so it was a lil pricey ($22).


Before the fancy schmancy colourful drinks were made popular, this store used to be called Chao Phraya. We used to order deliveries every other weekend because of how affordable & yummy the food is!!! I really prefer this over Nakhon Kitchen because of its convenience and no long queues!

Really humble store and nothing can be more comforting than seeing Thai chefs and service staff for it just means....authentic Thai food 😍

My fav fav fav fav & usual orders:

(1) Tom Yum Soup (yassssssss love love love)
(2) Phad Thai
(3) Garlic Pork
(4) Pork Collar
(5) Basil Leaf Chicken with Rice


There’s something about Pacamara that makes it such a comfortable & lovely place for spending time with my loved ones ✨👌🏻

Feat. Toast, blackcurrant jam, avocado slices, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, sausages, bacon and really yummy hash brown. & a good cup of iced mocha!

(but because I went during brunch hours... I had to wait awkwardly for 20 mins outside for a seat 😐)

Either I haven’t explored enough or there’s really not a lot of places that sell grilled mentaiko pieces!!! I’m a sucker for anything mentaiko and I already feel guilty that I finished the entire plate on my own. Slightly spicy but love love love.

Queued for like an hour primarily to have ramen but to my disappointment, I didn’t quite like the noodles used for the ramen here :/

#firstworldmorningpains Deciding if it’s going to be scrambled eggs or half boiled eggs/ angmor toast or chinese toast/ English breakfast tea or teh siew dai.

Took a walk to Joo Chiat with the family for our typical Sunday breakfast. Quite pricey for a traditional brekko.........but hey there’s air conditioning 🤗


Grateful to find a small cosy ramen store that’s affordable and amazing!

Tried the God Fire (Level 3) and I wasn’t so sure if my tummy was able to take it. I much preferred the Tonkotsu Mentaiko (note: you can’t really taste the mentaiko at all hahaha) but it’s name’s a decent good bowl of ramen. Opted for soft noodles and it was the perfect texture. The broth was creamy, flavourful yet not too thick.

And let’s not forget the free flow of eggs and takana (spicy pickled mustard leaf)!!!

Fans of Waa Cow! at NUS can now get their fix in the CBD. True to its name, beef is the focus at this Raffles Xchange establishment. Waa Cow! serves an excellent wagyu beef rice bowl, so over here, you won't go wrong with the Signature Aburi Wagyu Beef Donburi ($21.90) — add $2 if you want the beef topped with mentaiko (!) or $5 with shaved truffle (!!). We also recommend ordering the Petite Wagyu Sushi Platter ($16.90), which comes with four different wagyu sushi — the classic, yuzu kosho, mentaiko and truffle parmesan. The latter is super earthy and aromatic from both truffle and cheese. Beefy business aside, you might also consider the Yuzukosho Iberico Butadon ($16.90), a really satisfying pork bowl, or the Mentaiko Salmon ($18.90), which features a really generous piece of fish over rice — perfect if you're really hungry! Pro tip: For a limited time only, like them on Facebook and Instagram to get 15 percent off your total bill.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

It's not that greasy, very fragrance, savoury and addictive! Take note: we can choose spicy/less spicy/without mala. Super comforting food after long tiring day!

Best place for unagi that really hits the spot if you don't mind queuing and have time to kill. #burpple