Japanese food never disappoints.
Jermaine Lim
Jermaine Lim

Either I haven’t explored enough or there’s really not a lot of places that sell grilled mentaiko pieces!!! I’m a sucker for anything mentaiko and I already feel guilty that I finished the entire plate on my own. Slightly spicy but love love love.

Queued for like an hour primarily to have ramen but to my disappointment, I didn’t quite like the noodles used for the ramen here :/

Fans of Waa Cow! at NUS can now get their fix in the CBD. True to its name, beef is the focus at this Raffles Xchange establishment. Waa Cow! serves an excellent wagyu beef rice bowl, so over here, you won't go wrong with the Signature Aburi Wagyu Beef Donburi ($21.90) — add $2 if you want the beef topped with mentaiko (!) or $5 with shaved truffle (!!). We also recommend ordering the Petite Wagyu Sushi Platter ($16.90), which comes with four different wagyu sushi — the classic, yuzu kosho, mentaiko and truffle parmesan. The latter is super earthy and aromatic from both truffle and cheese. Beefy business aside, you might also consider the Yuzukosho Iberico Butadon ($16.90), a really satisfying pork bowl, or the Mentaiko Salmon ($18.90), which features a really generous piece of fish over rice — perfect if you're really hungry! Pro tip: For a limited time only, like them on Facebook and Instagram to get 15 percent off your total bill.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Best place for unagi that really hits the spot if you don't mind queuing and have time to kill. #burpple

Rice was very well cooked and you can still eat the rice bit by bit.

Personally I think the curry rice was the most worth it at $7, but the most popular dish is still their mentai salmon don ($10 for a really small bowl and $13 for a normal bowl). You'll be drooling just by sitting there and waiting for your food to be served cos the smell of mentai smoked salmon would fill up the place.

The mango ebi sushi was really yummy, the mango and ebi paired surprisingly well! Definitely a highly recommended dish to order the next time you head to Japanese Curry Express.

Though price is alittle steep, for a quality Unagi, this place is definitely a place to go. But not for any friends outing, cuz u can't get seat and order first even if its ur turn and your friend are coming in 2min. So after 2 min, they arrange you to sit separately. Not willing to help u arrange the seats. Service wise, i would rate negative. You paid restaurant price and get Cha chaan teng service? 👍🏻2/5 (wanted to rate 5 for the food, but thinking of the poor service we got for the price we paid, we probably wouldnt like to return back)
📍1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, Singapore 089109 #yybffoutrampark

The skill of frying does not lose out to others, but the rice could do with more tendon sauce. I also love the veggies selection (The Seaweed...) here more than the others. And there is no queue. Pro tip : 10% off for IG followers.

Added $1 for an onsen egg with tobiko. Super yummy. Soft, perfectly cooked salmon topped with punchy ponzu marinated garlic and mentaiko. Rice had great texture too. I want this place to succeed but the question is whether it will survive in the long run, what with the (probably killer) rent, the fact that the shop wasn't full when we went, and the relatively high prices of the bowls ($16.90 and above)...

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I lingered outside this restaurant for quite a bit because I wasn't sure whether this was going to be REALLY good ramen or one of those overrated ramen places. And I am sooooooo glad I took the risk! The place was filled with army boys (strangely), maybe because it's a good movie + dinner place. I ordered one of their best-selling ramen which was in garlic Tonkotsu soup and the bowl of ramen was HEAVENLY and so FLAVORFUL! You know how sometimes you crave for a certain thing and a long list of requirements come along with it. This bowl of ramen ticked all of my boxes and I really cannot wait to return again. I ordered a side dish Gyoza too but meh....so expensive and it didn't taste fresh.


My boyfriend and I visit Itacho on such a regular basis that we can almost remember the item number of the long list of things we order on a typical day. If the entire Itacho menu ever revamps, I will petition for them to keep the Roasted Salmon with cod fish caviar because it is the best item ever!!! But one thing I noticed about Itacho is that it used to be my #1 sushi place but nowadays I feel like it's quality and portion is very inconsistent. You know that annoying feeling when the sushi is so soft and it crumbles when you pick it up? Well, it needs to really get back into the game and attain the same high standard as it was years ago. Genki, Sushi Tei and even Sakae Sushi are all catching up!


The lobster broth played like an imperial relative of your prawn mee broth, whilst the gentle spicy miso kept the proceedings from venturing too deeply into the Atlantic Ocean. Elsewhere, the molten egg was seventy-two sorts of amazing, the pork belly kept his fatty and lean selves strictly separate, the black pepper wanton may need to refill his Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream subscription and the prawn balls had more romantic mushiness than a Nicholas Sparks novel. 4.1/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Ramen Keisuke Lobster King.

For a lighter option go for the Yuzu Salmon Bowl with 2 healthy sized grilled salmon skewers and zucchini. My first piece of salmon was a tad overcooked but the second piece redeemed the bowl by being moist and tender. The yuzu sauce was barely discernable but was nothing a squeeze of lemon couldn't fix.

Taste: 3/5

I hope some Japanese friends could answer this nagging question I had for several months. I've Googled but there are different definition, and none is consistent with the barachirashi and chirashi I've been seeing. But the Internet does agree that in Japanese culture, bara means gay. Indeed, bara chirashi is gay - cheerful and colourful due to its play on colours.
Dstllry's barachirashi has three types of fishes - salmon, maguro and hamachi. I like that it is slightly lighter in its use of the "secret" seasoning, which I think contains mirin, dashi and shoyu. I'm not a fan of Teppei during the times when they're heavy handed with their sauces (Teppei tend to be inconsistent, depending on how much seasoning they squeeze away from the marinated fishes just before serving).
The staff looked grumpy though. The restaurant's industrial theme is cold, though hip, and the black walls are gloomy, though chic. When the hardware lacks warmth, the software could do with a little smile.

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