Dry ytf @ $11.20
(14 pcs of ingredients, each at $0.80, no carbs)

Been here once and kept thinking of coming back. Got the dry version this time and love the sauce. Ingredients are nice also, and the fried items are well fried.

Walked past once during lunch time and the queue was all the way to the next building, been here a couple of times in the evening and got much lesser crowd.

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Tiramisu croissant @ $4.80

Have always been getting their almond croissant and decided to get out of the comfort zone for once. It's not bad and the cream inside seems to be coffee flavour? But the price is quite steep so might not get this so regularly. Or only get it when they have the 3 for $10 promotion.

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Oreo boba yogurt @ $5.90

Saw all the good reviews and decided to give it a try. Not bad, quite refreshing, but it's quite a small cup for this price so maybe only worth it with the burpple beyond 1 for 1.

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Mangolicious @ $9.80+

Was a bit surprised to see the mango slice on the side. Overall a nice drink especially on a hot day.

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Lemak chilli api crab pasta @ $16+

Overall this seems a bit ordinary but still tasty and not bad. Soft shell crab a bit on the salty side. Comes with prawns and some sotong.

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Smoked duck laksa @ $12+

Fusion laksa that contains usual laksa broth + linguine pasta + smoked duck. The broth is flavourful and creamy, while the pasta is nicely cooked. However we felt that the smoked duck didn't quite value-add to the dish.

Also comes with taupok, cucumbers, taugay and egg.

Star of the dish is the chilli which is spicy and sweet and brings the broth to a whole new level.

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Spinach chicken gratin @ $5.90 nett

Always love going Saizeriya as we like how they serve basic food well and at an affordable price. Portion is just nice for us as well and I like how this dish has got quite a bit of veggie in it.

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Paprika wings (5pcs) @ $9

Tastes not bad and the wings are quite tender and juicy. But can't really taste the paprika flavour.

This is a side dish but it costs the same as the main...

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Carbonara @ $9.90

Not bad for the price and it's quite creamy. Would prefer to have it with linguine but out of stock on the day we went.

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Bacon aglio olio @ $8.90

I guess it's okay for the price, the taste is okay but the pasta is way too dry which makes the texture rather too chewy.

Probably will try other pastas or pizza next time.

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Curry fish head (L) @ $28

Super delicious. The fish was soft and tender and comes off the bones easily so we managed to devour the entire fish head quite cleanly. Comes with lots of vegetables like green beans, ladyfingers and brinjal, all hidden underneath the mountain of fried taukee.

Which we think is the best part of the dish. It has its own slightly salty taste which balances out the rest of the dish and the crispy texture also adds a different dimension to everything else. It makes us feel like we're having two separate dishes. Much better than the usual curry fish head that comes with taupok.

The curry is also very flavourful and slightly on the milkier side. We could finish everything on its own.

Can't wait to go back and try other dishes.

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Green curry chicken with rice @ $5.50

Not bad, and it's got a bit of spiciness (some places serve simply sweet green curry). Ingredients are quite generous too.

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