warm, comforting soup. simple and good as an appetiser.

despite it really just being a ham and cheese sandwich, i absolutely love kaeden's rendition of it (and i'm not even a fan of cheese). made with quality ingredients, worth the cafe price. the only misgiving i have about this is that the bread does get soggy after awhile.

the dish that i always return to kaeden for. one of the best, if not the best, mentaiko fries in singapore. love that they char the mentaiko fries before serving, and top it with a good amount of furikake. fries are always served hot and fresh. a must-try!

very generous slab of meat, tasty brussel sprouts. would reorder (as i already have on my third visit 😋)!

lobster chunks in this roll were complemented with a generous amount of seaweed sauce and wasabi mayo. i did not really taste the heat from the wasabi - safe for those who have mild spice tolerance. preferred the mentaiko lobster roll over this, but palatable nonetheless.

side note: plates were a little oily at some spots. the kitchen could perhaps wipe away these oil spots on the side of the plate before serving! :)

a roll packed with lobster chunks slathered in homemade mentaiko sauce. the brioche was pretty good - soft, buttery and warm. the lobster chunks given for the price point ($25.18 sgd after using burpple's deal + service charge & gst) was worth it, but lobster chunks were a little salty from the seafood taste. fries were decent, but it could do with more seasoning.

juicy mushroom with beef patties that weren't too dry! found the burger quite tasty. the portion size was rather filling as well, despite it not looking like much. ordered another burger with this & total came up to around $15 per pax after redeeming the burpple 1 for 1 lunch main deal. worth it, would return.

good bottle of coffee, used the 1 for 1 burpple deal. price for one bottle is about $9.27 including gst - wouldn't purchase again if there's no deal on it since it can get a little pricey :-(

we got this to share - the cheese sauce on this had a smoky undertone to it, extremely appetising. it topped with a little of caramelised onion (i suppose it was blowtorched), and chunks of crab meat.

would've preferred for the crab meat to not be panfried as that made the crab chunks dry and less tasty. i think this would've been better with plain or lightly seasoned fresh steamed crab meat. nachos do get a little soggy from the cheese sauce after awhile so consume it when it's fresh!

total after burpple's 30% off food bill on mon to thurs discount + 10% gst + 9% service charge = $13.77!

buttery soft brioche bun with a crispy exterior, filled with juicy chunks of lobster slathered in a light and tangy dressing.

ordered this dish with a side of cajun fries & we had no regrets - you had the option of normal fries, sweet potato or truffle fries (at +$1 each for these two flavours). coleslaw was done well, great pairing to cut through the fries.

10/10 dish, would come back here again just for this. we used the 30% off total food bill here, and the total of this dish came up to $49.52 after discount + 10% service charge + 9% gst

was initially abit disappointed when the dish was served because the soup didn't look appetising & tasted too creamy / milky on it's own.

however, the soup was perfect when consumed with the rice. the dish came with fried fish on the side (pictured) that had a thin batter that wasn't too oily, while the bowl that was topped with a onsen egg had fresh seafood like prawns, scallops and clams.

total cost after burpple discount; including service charge & 9% gst was $17.88. very affordable for the ingredients used, very filling too!

🚩 note on pricing: also a little confused about the amount paid - we used the 1 for 1 beverage voucher, and the menu on burpple says it's $7.80 for the caramel coffee (higher priced item). we were charged $8.58 ($7.90 x 1.1). it states on their burpple menu that beverages are subject to 10% dine-in charge. we didn't use their space at all & had clearly let them know that it was a takeaway order - not sure why dine-in charge still applies but buyer beware i guess.

coffee's a 3.5/5 for us, but marked down to 2/5 considering the sneaky dine-in charge thing.

went during lunch hour, service was decent. do note that the cold brew is placed by the side of the cashier & you're expected to self-service by taking the bottle and going to pay. wasn't aware of this and learnt the hard way.

coffee was decent - we preferred the original flavour over the caramel. caramel coffee is lacking the creaminess that you would typically associate with caramel sauce. would say that this is abit of an acquired taste - the aftertaste of the caramel comes off as burnt cane sugar.

original flavoured cold brew was acceptable, but not one that i would specifically make a trip back for. slightly lacklustre in comparison to the cold brew served at other cafes, and perhaps even more disappointing considering that this is a coffee chain, and their specialty is supposed to be in coffee.