There are so many new cafes in Singapore, but it remains hard to find a cafe with good creamy (ie rich) sauces and satisfying food items overall and for this Fuel Plus still gets my vote! 5 stars and 5 ❤️. We highly recommend the signature items as shown. We are grateful too that prices are not rocket high and are “all in” - ie what you see on the menu is exactly what you pay/ are billed. Although there are cost pressures facing all F&B outlets in Singapore, I detected just a ~$1-$2 Increase for the larger items on the Fuel Plus+ menu in the course of these few years. Wow. Please support Fuel Plus+, esp given the Burpple discount!


Celine’s has moved to a new shopfront with seats - so happy for them and all of us around the Novena MRT area. Go for the pistachio gelato! The other flavours are good but you “die die must try” the pistachio.

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Nice but an expensive, clumsy experience. The straws are so brittle that they can’t even be inserted through the lid slits, and we had to remove the plastic cup lid (not in picture) >>> if so, dear %Arabica, reduce waste by omitting the lid, straws. Also, you have a large service crew (I counted at least 6 at the counter at one stage?) but I did not enjoy the interaction on ordering at all. Pity for such a pricey cafe. Unwelcoming, clumsy, and incoherent 😬

We felt rushed (they insisted on us ordering before seating us) and the bowls came after a long wait (there were obvious operational issues in the small kitchen prep area). The yakitori sticks only arrived after we finished our meal and after several reminders. Go if you want food, but not a dining experience. This is a new(ish) branch of the chain, so hopefully the crew does better over time.

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Google “Japanese Fusion Mee Pok” and you’ll see positive reviews. But this turned out to be literally mee pok placed in miso soup (from $7) - nothing at fault though there was no magic in the “fusion” pairing. Tried this at the Li Yuan outlet located at the FoodMore Foodcourt at Commonwealth Drive. Happy to be corrected if this experience is an aberration.

Though presented with a seafood menu, we were in the mood for carbs instead this afternoon. The beef hor fun ($5.50) came with commendably fork-tender beef. The crispy noodles (生面$4) were of the thicker type, soaking up the sauce well without getting soft. We will be back to try the other carbs, from the extensive rice/ noodle menu as pictured. Note: they seem to impose a charge for takeaway boxes so enjoy the food onsite if possible! There are other stalls worth trying too in the same coffeeshop.

A homely nook to pop into, in the housing estate component of Holland V. We tried the Ovaltine and Rum & Raisin as pictured - scoops were really teeny so without the Burpple deal we would really hesitate coming here! Most flavours are “Premium” (+$1 per scoop) including what we tried; we paid $4.50+1+1 for the scoops shown. I would regard what we got as ice cream, not gelato - gelato would not hold its form for scooping and the texture density was missing in this case.

We ordered the Ashes Smash Cheeseburger (double patty, $8.40 with fries) and the Mac & Cheese with truffle mushrooms ($6) as pictured. The meat patties were decent enough - ie worth a visit at this price point if you are in the area (we enjoyed a foodpanda 25% pickup discount) - though lacking a distinctive flavour, and were chewy at parts. The Mac & Cheese was pleasingly fragrant, thanks to the truffle oil. Ignore the surroundings in this hawker centre as you sink your teeth in…

Do not judge this cheeseburger only by its appearance. The beef patty is of a good quality, so the Burpple deal (1 for 1) makes things even more awesome! Be prepared to wait though; and this coffeeshop in the Sunset estate has tables for 2 only due to COVID measures so you need to secure 2 adjacent tables if you come in a group of 3-5 pax.

The photo says it all - carefully cooked value lunch sets and there’s a wonderful lady manager in charge which made the simple dining experience wonderful. We arrived early; she said: no problem, take a seat. I had small requests on my lunch; she helped. And then wow, there was a birthday surprise for me ❤️ ! Which we didn’t expect. We will be going back and spreading the word - dear Wine & Kitchen, you made my day! I💝

Great place to chill at, amidst Science Park surroundings, with good quality coffee. The Burpple 1 for 1 deal at $28+ (choice of main course + dessert + choice of drink) is a strange package as the items on an a la carte basis only add up to ~$25 max and yet we were still told to top up $2 for coffee despite the Burpple screen indicating that only alcoholic drinks are excluded! Ah well. We paid $33 in total including the extra $2 and service charge.

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This - in Singapore! We were in Geylang to buy school uniforms and stepped into this setting that evoked memories of a past trip to Hoi An. The banh mi is all there is on the menu and 🥖 is freshly baked on-site. The beef version, with meat still pink and tasty sauces with a dash of fresh chilli, was good enough for us to contemplate a second visit! Get the set, which bundles a banh mi and drink for just $5.50. That’s the reason for a constant stream of orders with many taking out 3-4 rolls and iced viet coffee. On googling, we saw various positive reviews too. With holidays abroad not quite possible, we look forward to discovering more such treats on our shores! Better late than never...😋

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