#throwback to some Sunday Roast that I had otw from Norwich to London at @catcherfinchley . What is a Sunday Roast? It’s a traditional British main dish, typically eaten on a Sunday, consisting of roasted meat, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and sauces. #cptslowyeoxuk

@littlecaesars_sg has super amazing deals such as the Large Pepperoni pizza (12 inch) for just $7.90! Add-on a drink for a total of $9.50! 🍕 These freshly pizzas are made to satisfy your cheesey pizza cravings at any time of the day! 💳Use your DBS/POSB debit and credit cards to get 10% off with min. spend of $15! Tagging @explore.foodlife and @alamakgirl who would totally love this yummy pizza experience !
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Totally in love with their pizzas! Simple and fresh ingredients at affordable, student friendly prices! 🍕 #cptslowyeoxuk

@strangersreu coffee smoked salmon on toast. Home made smoked salmon, coffee creme fraiche, dill cappers, seasonal salad and poached egg on sourdough!

Sicilian kiss (2 in the center) is a chocolate ice cream loaded generously with huge chocolate chunks! If you like B&J’s chunky monkey, without the banana, this is for you!
Made with real cream and real fruit, even the blackcurrant (left) is 💯 % an ice cream version of Ribena! Totally worth the 45 min drive from Norwich City! 🤣 Plus the seaside view and breeze! ✌️ #cptslowyeoxuk

The crusty pie texture was so flaky and buttery! The steak cubes were extremely tender when paired with the brown sauce! What a lovely dining place this is! There is an outdoor garden just behind the inn, which is up-kept by the chef’s mother. The garden is so picturesque! #cptslowyeoxuk

It makes me wonder if it’s a planet of vanilla beans by itself, because the vanilla beans are so visible within the ice cream!
Buttermilk fragrance will flood your tastebuds as you gently break into the crispy exterior of the waffle with your cutlery. And then BAM! You get the soft, fluffy texture in the “meat” of the waffle!
It’s kinda interesting that this cafe doesn’t smell of an overdose buttery milk waffle fragrance but! You definitely get a super good waffle that ignites all your senses!

Get them both for the price of 1 with @shopfareast feast deals! The drizzle of the sweet sauce, blended well with the soft and chewy texture of the crepe that was smothered with an egg on the inside.


The cheese baked rice was soooooo cheesey and filled with loads of ingredients like prawns and served with a generous serving of nachos! Can’t wait to head back again to try try their Batman wagyu burger which is also one for one with Burpple Beyond! #BeyondTurnsOne

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Creamy and not gerlat! I loved the salmon chunks that were lightly breaded and fried till crispy on the edges! There were little slices of bacon all around! Totally worth it with burpple beyond! The shop was a bit loud though, had to shout a bit to be heard.

Super sweet and crispy on the exterior and melt in your mouth fatty and meaty goodness. The roasted pork was lean and flavorful but the skin wasn’t that crispy. The hakka noodles with generous servings of lard is so springy and a tad oily! Loved it so much, paired with the warm bowl of soup and roasted chicken that was so tender and succulent!

So by the time we ordered it was a couple of minutes past 2 and they had to check with the kitchen if they could still serve us the lunch special.
This crab cake is the best crab cake I’ve had and sadly it’s only available during the lunch special. I’m guessing it’s too much work to offer this on the regular menu.
The brioche burger buns were so fluff and buttery, it was so good just eating them in it’s on. The bacon was kinda tough because it’s wild bacon? But still absolutely delicious! Would def want to try more sandwiches here!
Totally loved the view of the I-376 from the outdoor dining area, you can totally tell when rush hour traffic starts lol!