Found this place via Burpple, and it was truly a good find! Staff was very friendly and welcoming, and the vibes of the place was fantastic 💯 Food was equally amazing, and i mean all the food that i tried!!

Tapas tried:
1) Avocado Ramen Egg Salad w Ikura - Great combi!!
2) Soft Shell Crab Tempura w Avocado cream and tartar sauce - Fried to perfection, not too oily nor greasy

Both tapas were so good! Absolutely in love with the light avocado cream!!

Pasta tried:
1) Truffle n Wild Mushroom Alfredo (Fettuccine) - truffle sauce was strong enough and the finely diced/chopped mushrooms made a great pair too
2) Slow Braised Beef Ragu (Fettuccine) - Love the beef and pasta combi! Beef taste not very strong too!

Overall a very pleasant dining experience!!! Would definitely love to be back again to try the rest of the menu! 🤤

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One of the sweeter and better mac and cheese! Also ordered the truffle fries and passion oolong hot tea that were both great too! Overall a good experience at Crossings cafe w friendly service by the staff!

Ordered their truffle ramen and its really pretty good! Broth was flavourful too ~

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Pink guava sorbet is very refreshing and portion was pretty generous! Added on their chia seed cone, but tasted more like black sesame seeds to me.

Tried their matcha ice cream, which was okay, not really very premium or like authentic. Their early grey lavender on the other hand was pretty good and rich! Also didnt know they offer free toppings (mini oreos and speculos)!

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Ordered their pulled pork ragu which was tomato based and its really yummy, love the pulled pork, tomatoes and the pasta was cooked to my liking so that's a bonus!
Also ordered their mushroom risotto, and it came with a lot of mushrooms, though felt that the mushroom taste could be stronger.
Felt that that their truffle fries can be better since it tasted more like normal fries with a lot of cheese 😅


They have some really good and crispy croffle!! I love the flaky texture and it's just so fragrant and crispy! Used the Burpple waffles/croffles one for one. Also tried their pandan waffle, which requires additional top up, but it was not bad too!

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Its a really nice ice cream cafe located near buona vista (5-10 mins walk from the MRT station).
They have a really cute vending machine door too 🤣
Tried their seasonal fudgy mochi waffle, which is surprisingly really good - with a well balance of chocolate and mochi!! Love the crispy yet soft texture!
Their 56% dark chocolate sorbet and lychee sorbet were really good too 😋
Will definitely be back again to try other flavours and also their beverages!

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Food was pretty okay, but good to make reservations especially on a weekend as it may get pretty crowded. Tried their calamari, truffle fries, soft shell crab, mushroom risotto, truffle pasta, and vongole. Used Burpple 1-for-1 but was kinda weird that one of the staff mentioned that we had to order a total of 3 mains (3 of us) when we wanted to just order 2 mains using the Burpple deal (?) Anws, thoughts on their pasta in general: nothing very special nor unique and maybe the flavouring could be better improved on. Mushroom risotto was pretty good although my friends said that it wasn't cooked long enough so that's why we could taste the wine.

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Went back again and gave their Matcha and Genmaicha ice cream (with homemade cone) a shot, and im so glad i did!!! Both flavors are really strong and good, i love it!!! Cone is really crispy too!

Used the Burpple 1-for-1 deal and got the salmon mentai and unagi set to try! Total was $29.90 for 2 pax, and the set included 2 sticks of chicken yakitori, salad and salmon miso soup. Salmon mentai and the soup were pretty good, and overall its quite filling too!

Omg this is such a rare find in town!!! Located at Midpoint Orchard, level 1, which is right opposite 313. Affordable, very decent and good quality ice cream and fruit sorbet!!!! Used the Burpple 1-for-1 for their double scoop ice cream ($9 for double scoop) and we tried 4 of their classic flavours:
- lychee sorbet: whew could taste the lychee bits here and there!!!!
- mixed berries sorbet: slightly sour but still yumzz
- soursop sorbet: not too sour, just the right texture!
- cookies and cream: smooth and rich, one of the better cookies and cream ice cream!!!!!! Classic!!!

Overall would come back here again for their fruit sorbets or to try their other flavors!!!! And i think it was the boss who talked to us, and he was so friendly and nice 😊👍🏻
Do note that its a small shop with about 3 tables for groups! Excited to try their waffles/cones the next time!!! 😋

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