Omg this is such a rare find in town!!! Located at Midpoint Orchard, level 1, which is right opposite 313. Affordable, very decent and good quality ice cream and fruit sorbet!!!! Used the Burpple 1-for-1 for their double scoop ice cream ($9 for double scoop) and we tried 4 of their classic flavours:
- lychee sorbet: whew could taste the lychee bits here and there!!!!
- mixed berries sorbet: slightly sour but still yumzz
- soursop sorbet: not too sour, just the right texture!
- cookies and cream: smooth and rich, one of the better cookies and cream ice cream!!!!!! Classic!!!

Overall would come back here again for their fruit sorbets or to try their other flavors!!!! And i think it was the boss who talked to us, and he was so friendly and nice 😊👍🏻
Do note that its a small shop with about 3 tables for groups! Excited to try their waffles/cones the next time!!! 😋

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