Used the Burpple 1-for-1 deal for their fried tofu rice bowl, and paid about $10.50 for the meal, which was really worth!!! The tofu rice bowl came with scrambled eggs, braised mushrooms and fried tofu (taste like agedashi tofu without the sauce)!! Food was served fast too, and it came along with miso soup!

They do have lunch set during weekdays, which includes a drink for about $10!

Used Burpple 1 for 1 voucher here and we only paid $3.90 for classic single scoop! Really like their Matcha ice cream (from Matchaya) as its quite decent! Cafe itself is nice too, with indoor and outdoor seats!

Arrived at about 8.45am and there was already a long queue, and we waited for about 40 mins before we were seated (2nd round of seating). The interior was quite small with about 7 tables (about 20 pax). Then waited for about 10-15 mins for the food to arrive.
- Hot milk tea (50% sugar) was good, but personally felt that 25% sugar would be better (for a less sweet option)
- Hot black coffee (25% sugar) was ok
- Pork floss & egg omelette + cheese was slightly salty
- Luncheon meat & egg omelette was ok
- Scallion pancake was crispy and good with sweet sauce inside.

Overall, was quite a filling meal.

Tried the set for 2 and got the 2 warm cakes to try - Molten Chocolate Cake, Sticky Date Cake, along with white coffee and mountain green tea. Cakes came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the cakes itself were so good!!! Especially the sticky date cake, which has the perfect sweetness! Likewise, its a small cafe with a really nice and cosy vibes! :)

Their pastries are so good - crispy and flaky!!! The combination of the different fruits and the bobba w earl grey cream is really a good match!! 😊 Ordered their hot fruit tea too with 0% sugar and its still sweet from the fruits i guess! 👍🏻

Some good cafe near Serangoon! The crabmeat pasta (white wine sauce) and the seafood risotto was so good!!!! I mean its really worth it with the burpple 1 for 1 deal!!!! Truffle fries was okay, the truffle mayo isn't very strong (taste more like mayo) but the fries were really crispy! and the avococo drink was very creamy too (in a good way)! Would be good to make reservations in advance cos it gets pretty crowded!

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Got their speculoos ice cream and ricotta cream cheese ice cream. The speculoos ice cream was really nice, but sadly can't say the same for the ricotta one. It tasted kind weird 😅 Their waffles were really good tho!

Tried their Salmon mac & cheese and vegeterian meat ball pasta! The mac & cheese was okay, the layer of cheese was quite thick, but not a big fan.. Instead their pasta was good!! Also ordered their truffle fries that were awesome too, though we could do less with the salt! But love their truffle mayo!! 🍟🍝

Had their big breakfast using the Burpple Premium! Portion was really generous! Food was good too! Truffle fries was decent too!

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Have been here multiple times, and it nvr dissapoints! Love their food and service here especially!!! Got to try their truffle fries, burrata pizza and pasta!!! 😊

Used Burpple premium for the 1 for 1 main dish, which made the meal worth it. Tried the truffle mushroom which was the usual, nothing special. The fish chik burger was quite good tho! Also tried their crabmeat pomodoro which was actually quite good (tasted quite unique!). Truffle fries was disappointing as it tasted more like normal fries..

Its a nice cafe located at level 6 of jem! There are some nice views too (they have indoor and outdoor seating). Food was quite good! Ordered their basil pesto pasta and cheesy truffle pasta, with iced Matcha latte. Topped up for their mentaiko fries, generous portion of mentaiko sauce but it was more towards the sweet side. Ice matcha latte included a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the latte wasnt too sweet. Overall good ambience too! 😊