The pandan aroma packs such a punch! It’s Super lemak and not too sweet! Perfectly moist as well! Their muffins are amazing too~ definitely give them a gooooo

Have always wanted to try this but it isn’t included in their 1 for 1. However during this CB period, they are running a buy one get one 50% off promotion on their entire menu! Could definitely taste the wine in the sauce! Very generous with the crab meat too~ delightfully sweet and fragrant!


Ordered the beef belly (my fav), thin pork belly and pork shoulder! As the staff cooks everything for you, you don’t have to worry about overcooked or undercooked meat! I have to say that they did an excellent job in doing so- the beef was tender and the pork was nicely charred on the outside whilst retaining its juiciness. I rly loved the rice ball as well! The slight saltiness of the fish roe along with the fragrant sesame seaweed and mayo went nicely with the smoky meats!

These thick slices do not come cheap, but they taste so so good! The marshmallows atop the s’mores cake were beautifully charred on the top and paired well with the rich chocolate cake! Defo one of my go-to dessert places!

The noodles are are really done R I G H T! It wasn’t just about the unique flavours that the restaurant comes up with, but the perfect and I mean P E R F E C T al dente texture of the noodles. I would think that because of the constant rotation of pasta flavours, one would never get bored and always come back to try more!

The sauce was pretty good too, obviously the noodles outshone the sauce in my opinion but still not too shabby! I ordered the beef ragu which was enjoyable, loved the generous and chunky beef.

Also managed to try the truffle mushroom pasta which tasted SUPER truffle-y! I think it’ll be difficult to finish it on your own tbh so get a few pastas to share around with your friends!

The restaurant prices themselves in their homemade soft tofu and it rly shows! This is THE SOFTEST, SMOOTHEST AND MOST DELICIOUS TOFU I HAVE EVER TASTED! The soup itself was alright~ yummy but nothing too special. This is a pretty pricey bowl of soup, but worth a try in my opinion!

Ordered their signature feather blade steak and one of their specials. The feather blade steak was average, I much preferred the latter which had more fat and was juicer. The potatoes came highly recommended but it just tasted rather burnt to me. I did enjoy the creamed spinach a lot though!


Came back a second time around to try the mentaiko salmon don and scallop don! Both were delicious yet again! The rice had a slight waft of truffle and the seafood was nice and fresh! Although the salmon was a little more cooked than my usual preference, it is still worth the $9.90 price tag!

This Hokkien mee is 70% yellow noodle (which I typically detest for its acidity), has thin bee hoon and is more of the dry kind of Hokkien mee.

The wokhei on this is C R A Z Y. Since the cook uses charcoal, the aroma wafted through the entire coffee shop and of course, was heavily present in the dish. He fried the noodles 3 separate times in order to create this rich and strong wok hei flavour and I really... admire him for all his efforts!

Apart from the wok hei, he was also v generous with the pork lard which wasn’t just sprinkled on top on the plate but cooked WITH the noodles. With every bite, there is that slight lardy fragrance which makes this 100x more delicious!

The seafood was tender, fresh and generous! He was not shy with the beansprouts either. The sambal was slightly sweet and super solid as well.

If you’re looking for Hokkien mee that will blow your socks off, please give this place a go!

These were some of the best oysters I’ve ever eaten at this price point. At only $2 a pop during happy hour, these delicious morsels were so so fresh and plump! The oysters were big boys too! So it was super super satisfying!

Not to be missed as well are the mentaiko fries! Just look at it, how could it taste bad?

The must try’s in my opinion thus far are the nasi goreng, biryani and Maggie/mee hoon goreng! The wokhei on all the fried dishes were great! And the rice grains in the rice dishes were nicely separated and not clumpy! Though the chicken was slightly dry, the rice made up for it! I loved how the biryani rice itself was super spice-y and flavourful! I didn’t even need to douse my plate in curry!

This right here has got to be my fav fav favvvv taro drink ever! The taro milk tea from woobbee was so thick, it tasted almost like a milkshake but it isn’t as jelak or sickeningly sweet. If you’re feeling extra decadent, add pudding into your drink and you’re set!