Available 3 options set menu to choose from, feature Indulge Menu ($268++ per person, seven courses)
💕 Truffle Wagyu Beef & Foie Gras Roll
💕 Double boiled Pure Cordyeeps Kampung Chicken soup, Sea whelk and fish maw.
💕 Champange Pineapple Pork Ribs.
💕 Pan Fried Chilean Seabass, Yuzu supreme Soya sauce.
💕 Braised 3 Head Abalone Hongkong Kailan.
💕 Boston Lobster Cantonese,Ginger, spring onion and Wanton noodle.
💕 Chilled Coconut Pudding, Brown sugar pearls

📍Madam Fan.
32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club.

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Feature :
“TARO de Lave” Flaky Teochew ‘Orh Ni’ Molten Lava with Luscious Golden Salted Egg Yolk
Flaky crust with soft smooth “orh ni”that not overly sweet and Center molten lava salted egg yolk.
💰 $75 box of 4 (UP $85)

Beside Taro, they also have Flaky ‘Orh Ni’ Mooncake with Premium Golden Pumpkin & Single Yolk and Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Molten Lava with Luscious Golden Salted Egg Yolk

Early Bird Special requires an order of a minimum of 2 boxes, start from 10-23 Aug 2022.

For pre-order or online purchase can visit www.pjmooncakes.com.sg

Feature dishes from Crystal Jade Palace:
💕Superior Bird’s Nest with Fresh Crab Roe in Jinhua Ham Soup.
A superior bird’s nest, fresh crab roe and jellyfish served with a bowl of piping-hot broth permeated with the savoury of Jinhua ham.

💕Braised Whole Thick Fish Maw
a premium hunk of fish maw braised for several hours till fork tender and cloaked in a luscious spring onion-infused sauce that is intensely fragrant.

💕Mee Pok tossed with XO Sauce and Crispy Pork Lardon served with Crackling Pork Belly
mee pok toasted in homemade XO sauce and served with thick cuts of juicy pork belly and deep-fried pork lard

📍Crystal Jade Palace.
391 Orchard Rd, #04-19

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one of the best satay bee hoon that I tried, the sauce is tasty, nutty and mild spicy. Served with beehoon, cuttlefish, liver and sliced pork (a bit tough for the sliced pork).
💰$4.5 (small).
📍Bak Kee Teochew Satay Bee Hoon.
85 Redhill Lane, #01-40.
Redhill Market and Food Centre,
Singapore 150085

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We ordered Lobster Avocado Caviar, lobster meat wrapped with avocado and topped with salmon roe with caviar and savoury sauce.
Some people might find it too rich, but for my family, we like it 😋.
📍Olivia restaurant and lounge.
55 Keong saik road, #01-03

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Feature :
💕Grilled oyster with minced garlic.
Plump oyster with light char served with minced garlic.
💰$7.8 per pcs.
💕Grilled fish with Fresh Green Pepper.
Fresh grilled Limbo fish served with fresh green pepper. Is not spicy and the numbness just nice.
💕baby lobster with perilla.
It’s tasty, baby lobster with extra spicy kick from combination perilla, dried chilli and peppercorns. I prefer it deshell.
💕noodle with onion oil.
Al dente noodle toasted in onion oil.
💕sticky rice cake.
💕Jumbo Lemon lime drink

📍Tan Yu.
313 Orchard road, #B3- 30/31/32

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The prawn fitters still good, the prawn mee not as tasty as before. But still decent.
The soup still quite flavourful, the noodle cooked Al dente and toated in savoury sauce and the prawn fresh.
📍Blanco Prawn Noodle House.
235 Jalan Kayu.

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It’s still as good as I recall, the unagi grilled till light char at outside and remain moist succulent inside.
📍Unagi Tei / Man Man Unagi.
1 Keong Saik road, #01-01

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I ordered one set coin prata, one chicken biryani and tabao mee goreng.
For me, coin prata is the best among all. The coin prata texture is crisp outside, inside soft n doughy. Similar texture to sin ming but this one more sweet. The curry was normal.
For the nasi biryani and mee goreng also normal.
Waiting time is around 30 mins.

📍 Mohamed Javed Indian Muslim Food.
473 Fernvale Street, Singapore 790473

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Beside the thousand layer yam, @yancantonesecuisine also

unveils it’s 2022 Mooncake Collection with five signature baked mooncakes and a snowskin creation, presented in eco-friendly paper boxes made from recyclable paper.

Feature : Thousand Layer Yam Single

yolk. flaky mooncake with soft filling of yam and single yolk in the middle

Early Bird Promo (from now till 17 Aug 2022)

💕20% off any mooncakes order

💕25% off orders of min 2 boxes and above

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Too bad they don’t sell HK Style Beef brisket noodle anymore.
I ordered their char siew wanton noodle.
the noodle texture is thin n springy, served with lean char siew and wanton.
📍 One Mouth Noodle
51 Yishun Ave 11, #01-12 .
Yishun Park Hawker Centre

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I ordered Lu rou fan for him.
The LRF meat is tender and not too fatty, quite tasty. Served with egg and preserved veggie.
Portion not too big, which is good for my dad.

📍Feng Food.
Northpoint #B1-156.
930 Yishun Avenue 2.


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