All Meat Marvel items are served with house-special thick noodles for a hearty ramen meal.

Feature :
💕Mega Meat Champon Ramen.
Thick springy noodle served in kelp and vegetable infused tonkotsu broth, topped with generous meat such as truffle pork, pork floss, homemade chashu,Sakura ebi and ramen egg.
Diners can choose spicy or non spicy ( chilli served separately , so diners can add according to preference)

💕Mega Double Meat Abura Soba
Thick springy Dry noodle tossed in-house special sauce, topped with roast beef, truffle pork, pork floss,Sakura ebi and ramen egg.

📍Ramen Kiou
 NEX, Jurong Point and Great World.

I ordered a big plate (of course have to order big one right 😂) and it’s really big plate of CKT.
The ckt is more towards the sweet side, I ask for spicy so it’s balanced it out the flavour of sweetness. It’s moist, quite wet, and a lot of ingredients like lup cheong and fish cakes.
Only missing one thing, I can’t taste the wok hey. But I still finished myself an entire big plate of CKT 😋
💰$4.5 for big.
📍Woks of taste.
Upper boon keng food centre, #01-40

Bee Hoon served with flavourful seafood stock that infused with mala sauce, that definitely give a spicy and numb kick to it.
💰$10.7 (small).
📍 White Restaurant.
22 Jalan Tampang.


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Feature :
💕Floating island
This dessert is good, light, refreshing and not too sweet.
Soft meringue served with passion fruit creme anglaise , exotic compote and passion fruit tuille
💕fresh Hokkaido Scallop that moist with firm texture served with Grilled Avocado, Thai Broth, Chillies.
Sweet from scallop, tangy from Thai broth and a hint of spicy fr chilli, all combine into one.
💕Classic Beef Tartare served with Confit Eg Yolk and Pickled Shalots
Josper charcoal grill
💕Rangers Valley
Pure Black Angus grain feed grilled using a Josper charcoal oven, succulence meat ,tender inside while outside have light char.
💕Tender juicy Bangalow Pork Chop served with Burnt Smith Apple, Pork Crackling, Lemon Curd,
sherry Vinegar Jus

📍Origin Grill.
Tower Wing Shangri-La , Lobby Level

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Beside serving traditional Hakka delights like Hakka Yong Tau Foo, Hakka noodles, now customer can order abacus seeds, Hakka radish ball, Hakka meatball and many more side dishes.

I tried the curry Hakka YTF, traditional Hakka YTF, Hakka fried wings, Hakka meatballs,abacus seed (always must eat this 😋) and Hakka red wine chicken.

The curry Hakka ytf ($5.3) is really good, it’s lemak but not overwhelming, quite spicy and served with qq noodle and fresh YTF.
Another highlight for me is the Hakka fried chicken wings ($5.5). It’s so tender and juicy inside while crispy outside with strong red bean fermented flavour.
The abacus seed ($5) is always my fav, chewy with qq texture served with mushroom, minced pork, black fungus and garlic

📍 Pang's Hakka Yong Tau Foo
2 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150002

Feature :
💕 The La Cervelle de Canut.
It’s my fav for the appetiser, is a Lyonnaise specialty of herb flecked farm cheese dip served with crisp Spring vegetables.
💕 Poireaux Vinaigrette.
Tender Leeks served with Egg Mimosa, Hazelnuts and Mustard Dressing.
💕 Salade Gourmande
Foie Gras served with White Grapes, Haricots Verts Arugula and Verjus Vinaigrette.

💕 poulet à la crème.
tender chicken braised in wild mushroom cream and served with fragrant herb spätzle
💕 Oeufs en meurette
Poached eggs served with Bacon, Pearl Onions and Crouton.

💕 Baba au Rhum.
a fragrant light moist sponge cake soaked in rum (a lot of it 🤩) and vanilla and served with crème Chantilly.
💕the l’ile flottante (floating island).
For the sweet tooth, a pillowy meringue floating in a pool of crème anglaise with rose praline

💰$98++ for 3 courses dinner menu.

📍 db Bistro & Oyster Bar.
The Shoppes at MBS , #B1-48

PS: Don't forget to try their Cocktail or Mocktail. The Bartender is 👍🏻

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I got the matcha and original.
I prefer matcha more, light crispy crust with generous filling of matcha cream, not too bitter or sweet.
Swipe for more photos.
💰$6.1 for 4
📍On Lee Bakery.
Woodlands Square, Woodlands MRT Station – Exit 7

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Feature : Grilled Seafood with pasta.
Diners can choose the carbs and the sauce to accompany the hotplate (I chose pasta and mushroom sauce)
The al dente pasta served with 2 big prawns, salmon, squid and clams. It’s coming with sunny side egg and mushroom sauce.

PS : There is an 80-minute dining time limit and Wong Fu Fu in the midst of applying for halal certification.

@wongfufusg have promotion “Dine 4 Pay 3” till 21th March 2023.

📍Wong Fu Fu.
776 North Bridge Road.
Singapore, 198744

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Since we went for lunch, we only can ordered from rice/noodle selection and a few main dishes.
Feature :
💕XO Chilli Miso Barramundi.
Slow cook Seabass with XO sauce and Miso Chilli.
Currently they have Lunch promo 2nd main course 50%.

📍 Jū Kyū Restaurant & Bar.
Telok Ayer #198.


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I ordered their Signature set.
BCM served with 1 tau kee, 1 tau kua and 3 meatballs.
The Noodle cooked al dente, bites with light chewy, served with minced pork.
Soup clear light flavour, the meatball texture is softer than usual.
📍Hakka Taste Canberra.
Block 115 Canberra Walk #01-01

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I tried Claypot Black Pepper frog.
The frog was fresh,cooked with mild black pepper sauce.
💰$18 for buy 2 frog get 1 free frog (porridge not included).
602B Sembawang Rd.
Singapore 758458

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Qiu Qiu noodle served with the truffle oil in the spoon, mushroom and egg.
💰$11.5 for noodle n additional $3 for minced pork.
📍I want my noodle.
1 scoot road, #03-14/15


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