Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu 永祥興豆腐 at People’s Park Food Centre enjoys the longest queue and also the shortest opening hours.

This YTF stall only opens for 3 hours a day, starting from 1pm.

You may want to know that their Yong Tau Foo with Soup ($4.50) comes served without any heavy carbs like noodles or bee hoon.

No choice of ingredients as well.
The deep-fried bean curd was my favourite ingredient.

It came complete with a beautiful golden-brown exterior, along with a great tasting tofu in silky consistency that melts in your mouth.

More here: bit.ly/yongtaufoosg

Unfortunately, the Millenia Walk outlet will be closing and its last day of operations will be 14 June 2020 this Sunday.

As their lease is up for renewal in July, and given the current pandemic and economic environment, the owners felt it is time to end this chapter.

However, they do intend to slowly re-focus and find a new home.

For fans of the concept, their sister outlet Plentyfull Bakery & Deli at Great World is still in operations.


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I love Char Siew and I love Singapore.

Fu Shun Jin Ji Shao La Mian Jia was established in 2008 by Singaporean Chan Tuck Kwai, who first began cooking in his teens.

His roast meats have become popular they attracted constant queues of customers at Maxwell Food Centre.

Its Char Siew is prepared by roasting it over charcoals while basting continuously throughout the cooking period.

This technique layers the surface with a thick coating of marinade, not-too-sweet and deeply savoury. It is roasted until a slight charring is created, which added a smoky flavour to the strip of meat.

Check out my Char Siew compilation here: bit.ly/charsiewsg
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The food centre at Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah is finally reopening on 16 June 2020 Tuesday according to NEA website (pushed back from May 15). There were delays in its revamping works due to the Circuit Breaker.

Note: not all stalls are likely to open on the 16th as cleaning has to be done, or hawkers need more time for preparations; but stalls such as Wow Wow West has announced on Facebook it is opening on the 16th.

Here are 10 stalls to check out. More at bit.ly/hawkerguidesg



In Singapore, Hokkien Mee fans generally fall into two camps – the wet or dry. I don’t think I have a particular favourite, but should gear more towards a wetter version.

While some customers may think the portion is not fantastic, but there were ingredients of fresh prawns from Thailand, cuttlefish slices, strips of tender pork belly and crispy pork lard prepared fresh.

The prawn noodles were gooey and wet, absorbed some of the rich prawn stock, though not to the point when the umami-fairies would descend on the taste-buds. But good stuff.

Perhaps it was because I went relatively early to avoid peak hours, the wok-hei could have been a lot stronger.

More here: bit.ly/hokkienmeesg
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Blue drinks? Don’t worry.
The blue comes from spirulina (a blue-green algae superfood) for an extra boost of nutrients and that celestial tint of sapphire.

Get the “Volcanic Sapphire Whale” series which includes cups of Volcanic Sapphire Whale, Milk Tea Lava, Passion Fruit Lava and Grapefruit Lava, all featuring peach gum as key ingredient.

The Whale Tea is offering islandwide delivery using Order@WhaleTea. For BBT fans staying in Orchard or Tampines, they are also available via GrabFood and foodpanda. .
– Islandwide delivery via https://order.thewhaletea.com.sg
– Flat rate of $8 with minimum order of $20
– Available from 10am – 10pm (Delivery interval every 2 hours)

More here: bit.ly/thewhaletea


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Xi Le Ting serves up old-school desserts that have recipes that are being perfected since half a century ago.

You would spot an auntie behind the stall scooping endlessly, but do not expect her to smile much.

Recommendation: please be precise and clear with orders, and don’t be surprised if some desserts are sold out early, early lunch.

There are four options at the stall, namely the famous Cheng Tng ($1), Green Bean Soup ($1), Red Bean Soup ($1) and Sweet Wheat Porridge ($1). Takeaways are priced at $1.20.

The refreshing Cheng Tng contains plentiful of ingredients from white fungus, dried longan, barley, dried persimmon to ‘pang da hai’ (boat sterculia seed). Love that this is very nostalgic-tasting served in a traditional porcelain bowl and is super affordable.

More Cheng Tng in SG here: bit.ly/chengtng

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Fujisoba which is Japan’s number one soba restaurant, is located at 100AM Mall Tanjong Pagar.

I remember its Deep-Fried Soba with Sizzling Seafood Spicy Sauce, which is like shen mian but Japanese style.
While ramen arteries are very popular here, it is hard to find one that specialised in Soba and does it well.
Loved its food there, but unfortunately.... oh well.

This is the burger brand’s first outlet at Orchard Road, likely to opens in the third quarter of 2020. The other two outlets are at Jewel Changi Airport and Neil Road.

If you are wondering where Liat Towers is, it is next to Wheelock Place and houses Zara and Hermes. Looks like it took over where another burger place OverEasy used to be.

Opps, maybe not many know OverEasy has closed that branch late last year. I actually kind of missing hanging out at Orchard Road. Oh well.

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This stall had it more challenging, as it was officially opened in April 2020, just a couple of days before the “Circuit Breaker” kicked in.

Delonix is a 3rd generation hawker selling Fishball Noodles, and thus the name of SanDai Fishball 三代鱼圆 which means “three generations”. The star was the fishballs, all unevenly shaped as they were made by hand from scratch at 1am in the morning.

Only 100% yellowtail fish is used in the making, with no mixing with stock, starch or other cheaper fish paste such as surimi to create.

Can show them some support.

Oh yah, my home bowls and saucers are in different shades of BLUE. LOL.


There is FREE islandwide delivery with minimum order of $39 for Hongdae Oppa and $49 for Hotpot.

For the family who want a more fulling meal, go for the All-In Feast Set ($49.50 for 4 pax, U.P. $57.50), which includes:
– 3pc Oppa Chix (Gochujang, Soy Garlic, Spicy or Original)
– Jjigae (Pork Kimchi, Tofu Clam or Beef Bean Paste)
– Ramyeon (Oppa Ramyeon or Bean Paste Ramyeon)
– Tteokbokki (Messy Oppa or Tteok Carbonara)
– SPAM x FRIES with garlic mayo dipping sauce

Here’s more: bit.ly/hongdaeoppadelivery

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