There was a WhatsApp message circulating around with a list of 40 F&B in Singapore which are closing or closed.
However, Starker Group still indicated they are “temporary closed” on their social media channels.
After I did some checks, I found out that there will be a “Notice of Creditors Meeting” under section 209 of the Companies Act to be held on the 10th of June 2020 for “Starker Brewery Pte Ltd” and “Starker F&B Pte Ltd”. The meeting which will be conducted via video-conferencing, is to estimate amounts of creditors’ claim, appointing a liquidator, appointing a committee of inspection and other businesses.

Just so you know.

One of the main draws is that the Laksa is quite cheap, starting as low as $2.80 (USD2) per bowl, but you can add more ingredients for just $0.50, while cockles are $1 extra.

Comparing this with some of the more familiar styles, this gravy was on the light side, and I would imagine some would prefer a richer, with more of that lemak coconut milk flavour.

The thing that stands out the most is their delicious homemade sambal added with dried shrimps, so try the gravy on its own first before mixing that in.

That chilli gives the dish an extra kick of dang and spice, that may cause some to break out in sweat.

Alamak, why do I crave for Laksa now?! More here:

Is this just another excuse to have burgers?

Anyway, this was from my previous visit at Golden Mile.
In case you have not realised, Ashes Burnnit occupies the same exactly stall location as Burgs by Project Warung previously.

The partners split ways, but there is slight differentiation in the recipe for Ashes.

A main highlight is the price. The basis Ashes Smash Cheese Burger complete with handcrafted beef patty and American cheese, is priced at $5.90 for a single patty complete with fries. Pretty neat price, and more value than those offered by the typical fast-food joints.

You can also expect Truffle Mushroom Burger ($8), Best of Both World ($9), Fried Chicken Burger ($5.90), and Grilled Chicken Burger ($6.50). I thought that the Truffle Mushroom Burger ($8) provide good value with its juicy beef patties with slight char on the outside, though the truffle cream sauce lacked that ‘aroma’ people would love.

The fries slightly seasoned and crisp, were quite the bomb. For health-conscious people, you can add $2 to replace with salad. But then again, why have salad when you can have those fries?


So I tried Mian Zhuang 麵荘 twice – at Hong Lim food centre and delivery; and also recommended a few friends to the stall. They gave it the thumbs up.

What is noteworthy is that Mian Zhuang 麵荘 uses noodles made from scratch daily and not bought from any factory, and is healthier without added preservatives.

I ordered a Mee Hoon Kueh with Fish, and noted that the uncle serving it drizzled some black sauce in a circular motion at the end.

This was the sauce that made quite a bit of difference – thick, savoury and packed with flavours.

The self-blended chilli was also rather spicy, but very shiok and added a bit helped ‘lift’ the overall taste.

They provide islandwide delivery as well. All fees go to the riders.
More at



The fan favourite at Serangoon Garden is known for its tender and succulent Braised Duck Rice.

You can tell a stall is doing it right when the queues are snaking long throughout the day, and customers are willing to wait even in rush hours.

The regular portion of Duck Rice at $3.50 is quite quite its priced, while you can top up with other ingredients such as braised pork, pig head meat, pig tongue, pig ear, braised egg, tau pok and cabbage.

What people like would be the nostalgic Teochew flavours of tender duck pieces, paired well with the white rice drizzled with braising sauce.


This ‘mission’ brought me to Empress Place Food Centre, also known to many as Farrer Road Food Centre due to its prime location at the road with the same name.

But it is not as talk-about and may even miss it if you drive past. I wont’ be surprised if many of the younger Singaporeans have never heard of this food centre before.

Some of the stalls here include:
- Happy World Delicacy 好世界美食 for Roast Meats
- Ah Wing Wanton Mee
- Poh for Chye Poh Horfun
- Heng Heng Nasi Lemak 興興椰漿飯 - Fu Gui 富贵 for Fishball Meepok
- Bunga Raya Prata Hut
- Yu Kee House Of Braised Duck 友记卤鸭之家

More here:


Note that delivery timing is 11am to 10pm at a flat rate of $10. There’s a no minimum order.

However, there appears to be some feedback on the late delivery experienced by users, so give them some time to organise their process first.

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Also known as “roti canai” in other parts of Southeast Asia, the Indian-influenced flatbread dish is usually served with curry or dal.

Roti means ‘bread’, and Prata or paratha means ‘flat’ in Hindi language.

It is South-Indian flat bread made by frying stretched dough flavoured with ghee (Indian clarified butter), typically served with fish or mutton curry.

However, you do find more creative savoury and sweet variations, filled with cheese, bananas, or even chocolate.

The prata is typically crispy outside and doughy inside, making it a flexible choice for breakfast, lunch, snack, or supper (I usually have it for breakfast or supper – it just tastes ‘better’.) Find out where you can find well-loved Roti Prata places in Singapore for you to dabao from:

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Simon Road Hokkien Mee has rolled out contactless islandwide delivery for the convenience of customers.
The noodles get its flavours from a combination of prawn heads and pork ribs, fried until very dry so that the noodles and bee hoon absorb the tasty stock.

Also love the spicy sambal chill.
The Hokkien Mee is priced at $5, $6, $8, $10, and $12.

Delivery areas and cost:
Area A: Serangoon / Lorong Chuan / Hougang / Kovan / Buangkok / Potong Pasir: $6
Area B: Sengkang / Punggol / Ang Mo Kio / Boon Keng / Tai Seng / Geylang: $8
Area C: Tampines / Pasir / Bedok / Yishun / Kallang / Marine Parade: $10
Area D: Rest of Singapore: $12

More details on ordering here: or
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Most people come to the Empress Place just to try out the famous wanton mee from this stall. For this reason, you will also be met with snaking long queues pretty much any time you visit the stall.

The owner of the stall has years of experience, and has mastered the dish to bring the best possible flavors and taste for the dedicated customers.

Items sold here include Char Siew Wanton Noodles, Shredded Chicken and Prawns Noodles, Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodles, and more. Each is priced at $3.50 or $4.50.

I found the char siew to be delectably caramelised and had a moist texture with dark marinade. Noodles were also springy, firm yet light. There is a good reason, as the owners came from Hong Kong.

Regulars would tell you to add an order of Dumpling Soup ($4) as their swee gao are plump and tasty.
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Bak Kut Teh must be one of Singapore’s most iconic food, in which many celebrities from overseas are huge fans of.

In Singapore, we typically get three styles of Bak Kut Teh which is the peppery Teochew style (the most commonly found), Hokkien style which incorporates dark soy sauce, and strong herbal-flavoured Cantonese style.

During this “Circuit Breaker” when many are isolated at home, sometimes it is good to have warm Bak Kut Teh that will be comforting to our bellies and soul.

These are 10 BKT stores with delivery services. More here:

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Known for its Mee Sua and Crispy Chicken, the Taiwanese F&B concept is quick enough to launch three new bubble tea flavours, which are Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Boba, 1983 Boba Milk Tea & Honey Fresh Green Tea.

The brand will also be offering islandwide delivery service via .

This is to be launched from 30 April, 2pm.

Islandwide delivery is charged at a fixed rate of $4.99 with minimum order of $30.

In celebration of the new launch of the Boba Drink Series, Shihlin will be offering a cup of FREE bubble tea for orders $35 and above from 30 April 2020, 2pm.

More here:

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