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Moved to a new stall round the corner where it used to be. Food still as good.

Long queue even at 1pm on Sunday. Braised sauce is very good and tasty. Duck is average but the pork is rather dry. Pork would have been better with some fat. The stall does seem to have its fan based with many ordering to take home.

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Long overdue visit to the World’s 4th Bar. Beautifully designed bar set in the main lobby takes you back to the 60s. Food was amazing too. Favorite was the pork ribeye which was tender and juicy. The madeline served warm was also memorable served with unsweetened cream and homemade jam.

Saw this stall while waiting for Pang’s Hakka noodle. Decided to order since the stall had many photos with celebrity chef. So glad we did, this is the kind of Kway Teow I missed childhood. Almost impossible to find these day. This is really good, cooked the traditional way as I remember.

Pang’s Hakka Noodles by Chef Pang of Antoinette fame. From making French food to traditional Hakka food. Have been wanting to try this for a long time and glad to come by. Food was great plus at the food court prices. Unfortunately the food court and the stall would be closing at the end of April. Will keep an eye out for Chef Pang new location for sure! Red wine chicken noodle is something I have never tasted but love it. The taste of red wine lingers in the mouth but not a dish everyone would enjoy. The signature noodle is the traditional Hakka YTF. The noodle was smooth and chewy. YTF was great too. The chicken wing came with the set was tasty but not great.

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Rather disappointing plate of wantan mee. Noodle was so so and char siew was dry. Not worth queuing for it

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Queue was long but it moved rather quickly. Lor mee was only $3.50 but did not have much ingredient to it. Much prefer the one at Taman Jurong to this.

Thai place with good price For their food. The line to get a place in the restaurant is often long. Recently they have implemented SMS queue system which makes it easier to join.

When I found out one of the chef of the Thai food here used to do a pop up at Boufé during circuit breaker. This place became one of the most visit place in my list. Ordered the braised pig trotter rice and was surprised when it came only with the meat! Taste of the food was very good. Burnt cheese cake was also very good with a serving of cream on the side which enhanced the cheese. Definitely one of the better burnt cheese cake I have had.

Located within WinCafe. This stall serves an interesting style of BCM where the ingredients are in served in the soup. The noodles are nicely cooked with good texture but my bowl has a little too much ketchup. Recommend to order it with chilli. The soup was very tasty and the liver cooked nicely.

One of the best beef redang I had. Love how the spice in the redang is chopped coarse enough to taste and the flavor was outstanding. Definitely worth the wait and travel to try this.

Newly open cafe inside Ulu Pandan CC. Service was good but staff is new and could use some training. They were not able to answer questions related to type of beans and how was the taste of the food was. They did come by after food was served to check. Interesting menu selection with options for sandwich, western or eastern main course. Ordered latte and gochujang chicken thigh with rice. Latte was well pulled. Food was slightly on the sweeter than expected but good.