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The normal sets sold out 15mins before they closed so I got this. This is exactly like set A, 2 nigiri pieces except this has higher marbling (it uses the sirloin cut which is the most marbled)

Tbh, I didn't like it as much, because it's not rendered much even after I asked for aburi, so the raw beef has a very soft and sticky mouthfeel but doesn't melt in your mouth.

The Sensei it is served on is phenomenal though. The texture is perfectly crispy and light enough while the mild yet firm taste of nori comes through

If you're here alr, it's worth queueing awhile

PS theres one more kotte ushi shop nearby, best to check if they're related or if one is a fake

Posting yet another throwback from our Japan trip. This Hida Beef Sushi Set C (¥1000, 2020 price) is a trio of hida beef served on a rice cracker

🍣 Salt Hida Beef - the best among the three for me. The salt enhances the flavor of the beef
🍣 Soy Ginger Hida Beef - not my preference as the ginger taste is a bit stronger than that of the beef
🍣 Gunkan Hida Beef - served within seaweed and has fresh egg on top, is new for me but really enjoyable. The yolk enveloping the beef upon the bite makes it creamy

Beef is served medium rare. Though I was expecting the meat to be more fatty (since it’s hida), I find it pleasing to have it on the leaner side for these three preparations. The meat still melts in the mouth. Really good.

Highly recommend to try this out when you are in Takayama. This can easily be spotted from Sanmachi street with the long queue - though it might seem to be touristy, the store lives up to the hype 😁

📍Hida Kotte Ushi, Takayama

The only shop in Takayama Old Town to have a snaking queue is this shop selling Hida beef sushi. From left to right: lightly seared and topped with charcoal salt, lightly seared and topped with soy glaze and ginger and spring onion, and gunkan style topped with a raw quail egg. Each piece had its own distinct taste, and the condiments each complemented the delicate yet rich Hida Beef. The beef was sooooo tender and barely required chewing. Seriously good value (900 yen for this Set C). The sushi is handed to you on a rice cracker plate that is 100% edible and also very yummy. Limited seating in the shop next door, you have to order, grab and go. All part of the charm.

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