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From the Burpple community

Vacay is not over yet so as our cheatday! Diet and reality starts tom! Lol The best of Zarks, Deep Fried Bacon Wrap and of course Luther Burger wherein the bun is a Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

Meet The Jawbreaker. How could you NOT be floored with the sight of this triple burger patty, spam, bacon and oozing cheese sauce? We love topping it with chili oil to heat things up! Outrageous! #foodshots #foodstagram #iamafoodnerd @jeannehasinstagram @bonny_bones

Mom's pasalubong. I love bacon cheeseburgers, but the breaded, deep-fried bacon was a bit of an overkill for me.

Zark's Burgers offers a great deal of delicious and mouthwatering burgers at a very affordable price.

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Cayenne burger topped with sauteed onions and chili, chili garlic oil and chili cheese sauce. Baaaang that heat!!!

Triple cheeseburger with spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top! If you finish this in 5 mins., it's freeeee!!! :)