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From the Burpple community

[Vegetarian, London] On top of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce that I had, I also tried their Shiitake Mushroom Bao. The bao that enveloped the filling was incredibly moist and delicate. The filling itself – chopped carrots and mushrooms smothered in teriyaki-soy sauce and mayonnaise, and then rained on with fried shallots and spring onions. 👅

Everything paved the way for a flavourful grub that has successfully encapsulated ingredients that are found in Asian cuisine. Yet, because of that, to a jot of an extent, I couldn’t help but think that this somehow felt quasi-oriental. That’s not to say that I think it’s terrible. No. Heck, even if I think it were, my opinions would be far from being heavyweight. You can only take my words with a pinch of salt, because if anything, my opinions take shape from a lifetime experience as a Southeast-Asian Malay. It’s definitely not the same as that from a Southeast-Asian Chinese, a PRC, an ROC or even an Asian diaspora, all of whom have presumably had enough baos in their life to be equipped with a seasoned enough tastebud. 🧐

Regardless of that complex problem which I will leave tackling it to another time, I guess I can still bring myself to appreciate a tasty meal when I’ve eaten one - and this? It was definitely one of them. 🙏🏽(7.6/10)


[London] Think of this as a much juicier, glorified form of popcorn chicken. Chicken thighs were probably used in Tiger & Pig’s rendition of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce, as I remember it being the complete opposite of tough to bite into. It was the first time that I properly enjoyed chicken chunks, be it in this deep-fried form or in a stew. 🍗🍿

This was also quite the relief, much like an oasis in the desert, because I hardly came across anything satisfyingly spicy in the UK. To be honest, this still couldn’t hit the mark for me, but it sure came close because not only did it have a slight spicy zing, but also a zap of acidity to it. A well-executed dish which I’d have again in a heartbeat. 🤤 (7.9/10)

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