[London] Think of this as a much juicier, glorified form of popcorn chicken. Chicken thighs were probably used in Tiger & Pig’s rendition of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce, as I remember it being the complete opposite of tough to bite into. It was the first time that I properly enjoyed chicken chunks, be it in this deep-fried form or in a stew. 🍗🍿

This was also quite the relief, much like an oasis in the desert, because I hardly came across anything satisfyingly spicy in the UK. To be honest, this still couldn’t hit the mark for me, but it sure came close because not only did it have a slight spicy zing, but also a zap of acidity to it. A well-executed dish which I’d have again in a heartbeat. 🤤 (7.9/10)

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