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From the Burpple community

Fresh and cooked perfectly. We love ours with tasty curry broth and also white wine broth. Just the right kinda stuff for the cold weather.

If you only have stomach space left for one dish here (and I'd understand why from all the tantalising food in the market), definitely go for this one.
The broth reminded me of a cross between Thai and Indonesian curry, and one thing about both cuisines is that their curries comprise a beautiful balance of sweet and savoury. In most instances, coconut milk is often used to enhance the flavours, and the coconut here certainly added creaminess in the already wonderfully intricate myraid of flavours.
This was served with two slices of sourdough, which I gladly used to mop up the broth. And when the bread was finished, I used the shells to scoop up the remaining liquid gold. Not a single drop should ever be wasted.


They certainly did justice to one of my favourite seafood! Fresh, plump and juicy mussels were coated with a liberal serving of butter and garlic, and topped with the crunch of breadcrumbs. You need to like garlic to enjoy this one, and fortunately I do, very much.

I love that everything was made to order; once you've told the friendly man what you'd like, he cooks right in his food van! A quirky and cute space because the vehicle is literally within the market grounds, and there are even tables and chairs around for you to enjoy your fresh hot mussels.

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Mussels were very fresh and portion so generous. Flavours included white wine garlic, red wine chilli parsley, coconut chilli which all sounded yummy. Tried the red wine one which didn't fail to impress, hot and spicy especially in the cold weather. A great seafood to have apart of the fresh oysters when visiting this market. #burpple