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From the Burpple community

One of the signature dishes at this restaurant where stir fried chicken in a sort of sweet ma la sauce is topped on handmade pulled noodles. The sauce is thick, somewhat sweet, slightly spicy, but a little numbing due to some peppercorns in the mix. It’s not too oily, and the chicken is tender and flavourful. There’s also very sweet and soft orange potatoes and bell peppers stir-fried with the chicken. Once the chicken’s cleared, there’s thick handmade noodles at the base of the dish. I love how slippery and smooth the noodles are, they’re bouncy and chewy. The texture of these noodles are completely on point and a total delight!

We don’t usually eat lamb in Singapore, but dang these people know how to cook lamb! For authentic Xinjiang cuisine in Toronto or Scarborough, try the signature skewers at Taste of Western China. It is a little spicy due to the chilli powder peppered on top, which makes it really flavourful, but you can also request for non-spicy skewers. Either way, the meat is extremely tender and juicy, plus there’s no gamey taste at all. Now I need to find a place like this in Singapore too!

We also had the tau kwa skewer which was not bad, but very salty compared to the lamb skewers. I’d definitely recommend the lamb even if you don’t usually eat it, although there are other meats and vegetables available if you don’t take lamb.