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From the Burpple community

Pretty disappointing - beef was incredibly dry, rough and overcooked. Nice Greek wine - crisp, refreshing and fruity. Attentive service. But the main course was a big letdown.

Didn't really like this appetiser, but it's probably because I still can't appreciate it (had this in USA before too, and it was the only thing I left unfinished on the otherwise highly enjoyable Meditterenean Platter).
Still, the tzaziki sauce on the side was a welcome addition to the table!


One of Melbourne's most reputable Greek restaurants, and I can see why.

I was incredibly happy with my decision to order "extra meat" because it was sooo good and they were really generous with the portion (got my yearly arm exercise attempting to carry the plate). The meat was understandably oily, but I could taste the quality compared to those at other places (which is why I would disagree with claims of the restaurant being overpriced). The tzaziki sauce was refreshing and tied everything wonderfully.

Despite it being full house on a weekday evening, service was extremely friendly :)

Baked layers of potatoes, minced beef and eggplant. Get everything together in one bite and it's just super flavorful and delicious. I normally don't like mushy food but this one's flavours were spot on. Perfect for a cold winter's night.

Chicken was super tender and flavorful, with nice crispy bits. Meat may be a bit salty on its own, but the creamy tzatziki offset it nicely. Reliable hearty food.

Australia has one of the largest Greek communities in the worlds, so we had high expectations for Greek food. We were drawn to Stalactites for the crowd inside, its cool decor and the look of its hearty food. We weren't disappointed. The hummus here was basically TO DIE FOR, but the tarama was unfortunately too salty for me. The pita bread was thin and super fresh, yum.