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From the Burpple community

Voted Australia's #1 pizza and because I may be Australia's #1 pizza fan, I knew I had to try this.
Minimal toppings, but that's how I like it because that's when the dough can really shine. Very fluffy and chewy crust, with good charred bits from the woodfire. I imagine it won't take much effort to finish a regular sized pizza in their sit down restaurant.

Our stomachs were filled to the brim but the long lines greatly piqued our interest.
Sadly, this was nothing to shout about, and the best thing on the plate was probably the fluffy pita (why only a quarter though? sobbb) and the creamy tzaziki sauce. For the price, there are plenty of better tasting options, but I love lamb sooo this wasn't gone to waste.

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This was pretty good, but sadly, after having the ribs, this one definitely paled in comparison. Still, one of their much more affordable options on their Grand Hyatt menu ($17), and worth it for the price, if you want to get a taste of their smoking skillz.

Please, please pardon me for the very badly taken photo (it was soo dark and cold) but I just wanted to document what could possibly be one of the best things I've had here, if not in my life.
Apparently the guys behind the stall "Burn City Smokers" are barbecue specialists and their popup at Grand Hyatt attracted super long lines. This dish alone costs $45 at their sit-down restaurants.
I didn't know all these, but what I did know was that the beef was so amazingly tender, I didn't even think there was any chewing needed. There was an excellent ratio of fats to meat, and a wonderful smokey flavour. In some parts it was a little too salty, but the chimichurri sauce did a good job to cut all that. This was devoured in a few seconds flat. I couldn't help closing my eyes and accidentally letting out a few "mmm"s as I savoured the dish, and when I opened them I saw someone looking at me, amused. We exchanged sheepish smiles (food does bond people), but sorry mister, you gotta get your own. This one's all mine.

Undeniably crunchy and yet juicy, and contained a good umami kick. Aka everything you would want in a fried chicken.

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This. Was. The. Bomb. Literally the best fish and chips I have ever eaten. Freshly fried, flaky, super fresh fish in a shatteringly crisp batter, with hot crispy fries and homemade mayonnaise. Life can't get any better than squeezing lemon juice over these golden pieces of fish, picking them up with your fingers and popping them into your mouth, all the while huddled in a corner of the buzzing market. Worth jostling with the crowds for. (Was also really impressed when one of the cooks took the time and effort to patiently explain to a customer possible allergens in the food despite being so busy.)