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From the Burpple community

This was one of the best brunches we had. Asian-fusion brunch dishes which turned out way better than we expected. The Japanese scrambled eggs were a perfect balance of salty and sweet and very moreish with the Japanese pickles and that beef rendang eggs benny was 👌🏻 we also had the kaya matcha latte and the peanutella (a hot chocolate with Nutella and peanut butter, which despite its ingredients, was not too sweet at all!). FAVE.

With tapioca and polenta croquettes, yuzu dressing, compressed cucumber, fresh tomatoes wasabi mayonnaise, pickled beetroot and poached egg.

For the more adventurous, something different kind of brunch. This was an exciting dish to explore with the dimension of textures and flavors involved, which worked well together. Particularly enjoyed the croquettes, which is made up of less commonly used ingredients.


Filipino BBQ pulled pork on brioche toast, poached eggs, Asian herb hollandaise and wonton crisps.

Brunch never had it so good. Thick, fluffy brioche toast is the ideal base for this saucy, juicy pulled pork and perfectly poached eggs.


With smoked flake, pickled ginger, cucumber, radish, tare sauce, toast.

Well inspired from the commonly known savory Japanese pancake - okonomiyaki. Unique brunch item with an interesting combination of ingredients. Perfect finish with the nori and bonito flakes!


Brioche toast with coconut spread, mixed berry mascarpone, pistachio crumbs, banana and peanut butter caramel sauce.


Interesting Asian twist on a classic brunch staple with the use of kaya as the filling between the browned to perfection brioche toasts. The berries syrup and sweetened berries mascarpone also elevated the flavor profile of the delicious and decadent breakfast treat.

Not forgetting the peanut butter caramel sauce, which provided additional textures from the chopped peanuts and balanced off the sweetness with a subtle tinge of saltiness


The main dishes were filling and yummy. The #rendangbenedict could do with stronger rendang flavours that was overpowered at times by the lime hollaindaise but overall enjoyable. The #balineseporkburger was a well-marinated pork belly that was quite fatty with cold slaw and fried egg. All the components went well together and we’re glad we asked for the chili mayo on the side as it is spicy. The sweet potato crisps was my favourite part. The #ubewaffle is a one-of-its-kind purple sweet potato waffle that was of a more soft & chewy than crispy texture. It came with sesame ice cream and seasonal fruits of jackfruit, strawberry and poached pear which I found to clash slightly with the sweet potato flavour.
📍@operator25cafe, 25 Wills St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia