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These are really good I ordered twice within 1 week. The buns are soft and the sauce is really tasty which compliments the pork and crispy chicken.

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Coco’s Three Buddies Milk Tea has always been the crowd’s favorite. It has a tasty milk tea base, and the very exciting part is that it has a lot of sinkers. In just one drink, you can have three sinkers which are their soft and chewy pearls, white pearls and pudding.

📸 by cocoteaphilippines
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Enjoy weekdays with this Maple Bacon Pizza from Pizza Hut. This Maple Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza! Have a bite of an awesome maple golden crust stuffed generously with crunchy toasted bacon and 100 percent mozzarella cheese, all surrounding a pizza that's filled to the brim with savory strips of bacon on a bed of maple-sweetened white sauce. Bring this home for price starts at Php 439.

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