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From the Burpple community

This was such a treat! Recommended as a personal fave by the waitress serving us, this margarita was smoky, tangy and such a refreshing drink that packs a good Mezcal punch. The chilli salt around the rim was a nice touch - giving the whole thing a spicy kick. So good!


This was only ok. I think I've been spoilt by my fave elotes from New York. The cheese wasn't quite the cotija cheese I know but it was grilled quite nicely.

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So fresh and zesty and way too little. But only because I'm greedy and could eat endless ceviche.

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There's more to Spanish sweets than just churros and creme catalana, that I'd discovered here at Mamasita. Enter the tres leches (which means "three milk"), a cottony-soft sponge cake soaked with evaporated milk, condensed milk, and cream. It was surprisingly light and refreshing when paired with poached rhubarb, crumbled meringue, and añejo ice cream. Great way to conclude a fabulous meal here.


Marinated with agave and chipotle sauce, these smoky, sticky, finger-licking good wings are worth getting your hands dirty for. Picture shows the $13.50 portion.


Dark chocolate mole and soft poached chicken, who knew they'd go so well together? The rich mole sauce is a blend of cocoa, spices, chilli, among many ingredients, and is so good that we just couldn't resist slurping up all the leftovers.

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