Disclaimer: the above photo is not how the dish came out, the actual dish that came out was burnt on the top. Basically any white parts you see right now was black when it came to us. This image was when the staff went to remove all burnt top and returned the dish in this manner. We did not manage to capture the burnt dish before she took it back as we feedbacked immediately once the dish arrived.

We ordered the milano gratin and the top came out completely charred (black and burnt), in edible. We immediately feedbacked to the staff and requested for a new one, but the staff - claire was extremely unhappy and told us that was how the dish was supposed to be (we have ordered this many times before and it definitely is not supposed to be completely black on top.) She went to the kitchen and removed the burnt part entirely and just brought the dish back to us, instead of ensuring the dish was baked properly. As you can see jn the photo attached, this was the state she brought back in. We feedbacked that this should not be the way they do it but she insisted that she baked it again and replaced the cheese/cream on top. However, these were all done within a minute which makes it highly unlikely that she did what she said. She continued to show displease and when I decided to forget about the matter, she went into the kitchen and angrily brought out her kitchen staff to talk to us, even though we did not request for it. They then proceeded to make a scene, telling us that normally burnt areas are common (i understand small specs of burnt areas are okay but this was in huge patches) and they told us customers are supposed to remove it themselves. They also proceeded to tell us it was not their fault and that it was the oven that did the cooking not them. But aren’t oven temperatures and baking timing controlled by humans (aka them)? We decided to forget abt the matter as the conversation was not productive, with service crew claire yelling and arguing and providing unhelpful inputs, making it hard to communicate with the kitchen staff. Throughout our remaining dining experience, staff claire ensured we knew about how upset she was, yelling everywhere through the restaurant especially from the kitchen, complaining to her other kitchen and service crews. Only upon us making payment, did she feel scared that we would lodge a complain and apologise (which is too late becos of how she ruined the entire dining experience and made sure we knew she was upset).

Sent in an email to the customer service of saizeriya but did not receive any reply emails.

Would not recommend this service outlet. Highly disappointing.

I ordered the Aburi-Salmon Don, portion was really generous and very really delicious :-) Used the burpple 1-1 deal and the prices on the menu were nett!! Ended up paying only $11.90 for 2 bowls it was so worth it! Really am grateful for affordable dining here, even if there were no more burpple deal I will surely be back! Staff were very friendly as well :-) Highly recommended!

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