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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

It's as dry as it looks, average tasting but I guess still better than some of the rocks at other places

I must say I'm not very familiar w savoury pastries

But this was excellent. Crispy, quite chewy actl for the Danish. The cheese was v flavourful and complex but not too strong, while the mushroom was excellent. So aromatic but surprisingly light tasting and incredibly earthy

Must try, so far all are winners tbh this place is an absolute gem


Can't rlly rmb

The scone was dry but at least the cream helped a little, so I guess relative to most Singapore scones this one is slightly more alright

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Idk what's the promo

Their croissant are pretty good, still crispy 1h before closing, and quite airy with a chew when you bite into it. The raspberry jam was quite tart and it worked well w the slightly sweet chocolate flakes

Not bad, not mind-blowing though

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Pastry cream inside, the exterior is extremely crispy and buttery while interior is fluffy, and the salted caramel is strong

Portion is quite tiny which is good but it's abit annoying how they only have one flavour at any one time? Or maybe I just went at a bad time

Quite a good rendition, incredibly crispy skin, there's some chew, and the molten choc was nice too. I think this is normal but the choc isn't too much

PSA NO MORE moka kouign amann

Passion fruit cream was pretty good, i havent had too many kouign amann, but this seems like a good rendition. The bite is not too much, it's very crispy outside, and theres a cake like texture as u chew, but very buttery so it gets jelat before you are done

Not bad, can satisfying cravings. Thankfully the top wasnt too sticky, didnt really stick to our teeth

PSA NO MORE gelato scoops, they only sell pints now, and only at the Bakery. So no More night concept

Sorry their receipt literally just writes the price and not the item name, so i cant even Tell what we had.

But its very crispy outside and slightly mochi-esque in the middle, it's alright. the PBJ combo doesnt rlly slap as hard as you would expect.

Skip for better bakes here

Not a lot of red wine rlly, it's lamb stewed without much additional flavours, in a very crispy pastry

Nothing too special, but not bad either



Wagyu sausage was soft but really lacks texture, esp because it's not served hot enough and there wasn't enough crisp.

It's very strong, but not harmonious. There's black garlic, there's wagyu, there's the crunch, and it's greasy, so it's really hard to stomach and somewhat unpleasant


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