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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🥩Duroc Pork Set ($45.88)
This set comes with 180g of pork belly, 180g of pork jowl, kimchi, chinese chives and watercress. The pork is so flavourful and juicy while the chinese chives and watercress are also surprisingly crunchy and so delightful to pair with the meat!

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🍜Truffle Jajjang Ramyeon ($12.88)
If you love creamy ramyeon, this one is for you. Its saucy yet not too salty with a nice creaminess to it, and a subtle truffle flavour. It is also topped with an egg to make it even more satieting.

🥣Kimchi Stew ($12.88)
Generously filled with kimchi, I found it a tad saltier than I’d like but it pairs pretty well with the other less salty dishes!

🥛Sikhye ($4.88)
We tried this Korean drink, which is basically a sweet rice beverage very similar to barley. It’s pretty refreshing and lighter than barley, not bad as a palate cleanser and pretty nice!

🍲Bibimbap Chicken ($13)
Your classic bibimbap dish filled with loads of ingredients, its also priced pretty reasonably for the large portion.

🧀Cheese Kimchi Pancake ($25)
Normally not a big fan of kimchi pancakes but this was so good. The cheese was melty and stretchy and there were pieces of real kimchi within. The price is pretty steep though.

🫕Frai Jjajangmyeon ($14)
This is super worth it because look that those portions gatdayumn. This bowl was so enormous that I only had to eat a quarter before I felt full. The sauce covers the noodles very generously and its super saucy and savoury with a bit of sweetness. The fried egg was wonderful too, really flowy. Super worth the price!

🍛Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl ($9.50)
A hearty main, this beef bowl is wholesome and the beef has a nice meaty taste. The addition of kimchi also elevates the dish as it makes it a little crunchier and salty and sour.

🍢Sotteok Sotteok ($5/2pc)
This consists of fried rice cake and sausages skewered, and coated in honey butter sauce. I really liked the fried rice cake, it was crispy on the outside yet retained its chewy nature. The sausages were a nice flavour contrast to the blander rice cake.

🍯Original Hotteok ($3)
This hotteok was filled with a cinnamon sugar and walnut, plus its fully made by hand in store. Such a great dessert! Its really tasty and not too sweet with a fragrant cinnamon taste.

🍡Tteokbokki ($7)
I love how @krate.sg ‘s tteokbokki comes in fun shapes, making them stand out from other brands. The tteokbokki is chewy and nicely coated by the flavourful sauce.

🍗Korean Fried Chicken ($9.50 / $13.50)
The Korean Fried Chicken is available at $9.50 for 200g (weighed before cooking) and $13.50 for 300g. The flavours are Soy Garlic, Sweet Spicy and Honey Butter. The chicken chunks were juicy and really crispy, and my favourite was the Sweet Spicy for how it nicely blended sweet, salty and spicy tastes into one. It also has a nice kick!

🧇Signature Korean Mochi Kroffles ($3.50/pc, $9/3pc)
We tried the flavours of cinnamon sugar, butterscotch and dark chocolate. I’ve never seen a mochi kroffle before so this was really interesting! The kroffle was buttery and crisp while the mochi was chewy and stretchy, a really delicious and unique dessert.

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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