Went to this outlet twice because of the excellent service provided by Jen and liked the tasty unagi Don and salmon Mentaiyaki Don prepared by Chef Yong. Jen also exercise flexibility to issue one small can of Coke Zero for takeaway. This petite lady also wished me Happy CNY in advance. She made my day!!!

Use Burpple Beyond 25% discount for lunch Omakase. Paid $80.80 after discount. Food is in very small portion, dishes also normal. The soup is most disappointing. Suggest go Jidai at Boat Quay area for more tasty dishes.

Ordered 2 sets of Signature Kaisendon. Was surprised that they gave chawan mushi as side. The chef really put his heart into this dish. The other items are normal. The outlet manager helped to serve customers doubling as cashier, cleaner and receptionist . Pocket poorer by $38.82 for 2 sets.

At Upper Thomson, the outlet is only for takeaway. No space for seats. Told by cashier to bring to Kopitiam at the end of the mall. The P1 Signature Don and P2 Mentaiyaki Don tasted horrible. The Yakitori is too salty. Gave us 2 green tea bags. We had to buy 2 drinks from Kopitiam and hide at one corner because we ate outside food. Advice is never redeem from outlets with no seating area.

Use Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 set including Main, salads and drinks. Ordered Mango and Papaya salad, seafood fried rice (takeaway) and Tomyam seafood noodles. They allowed takeaway at 40 cents per container. One of the best lemongrass drink I have taken. As the food is spicy, bring more tissues to wipe your tears. The service staff and cashier is very very polite. The other customers are from Thailand (from their conversations).

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Wanted to redeem Burpple Beyond one for one Wagyu Ribeye. Friend cannot take beef. Request to change to seafood set (costing same price) rejected. Said must be same beef set. Suggested I use UOB credit card promotion. Must order Wagyu Ribeye set at $50.99, another set (excluding seafood). Took pork belly set at $25.99. Given 2 glasses drinks valued at $2.99 each. After calculation, it’s only $3.00 more than purple beyond discount. $3.00 more but get 2 drinks. Burpple set do not include drinks. The side dishes, and sauces are good. Side dish included groundnuts with ikan bilis, kimchi, taugeh etc. The soup base got 12 types to choose from. Veggies basket with mushrooms, yam, Inoki mushrooms, cherry tomatoes makes my friend very happy.

Ordered 3 sets, and brought home 1 set. The signature Don is good, my friends also liked their Mentaiko and Unagi Don. Salad and miso soup nothing to shout about. Discovered after we reached home that they short changed us. 4 Yakitoris instead of 6.
Service staff struggling to give good service. It’s lunch hour. Trying to clear the tables for other diners. Outlet is crammed.

Slice beef noodle (S), beef ball noodles (S) sides cuttlefish fritters (not nice), tiger prawn roll (taste ok) 2 glasses drinks (good calamsansi, wintermelon too sweet). The beef balls are flat, not crunchy. Sliced beef so thin and only a miserable 5 pieces. The chilli sauce is the best item that day (31 January 2023)

Chose Chicken Salad Noodle (takeaway), Teriyaki Chicken rice (shown in picture), with smashed cucumbers and Passion Fruit, fruit tea, one large cup take away with side dish edamame.
Cashier very patient with me as I do not know what is included in Burpple Deal. Happy they allowed take away. Will visit again.

Took P1 Signature Don and P2 Mentayaki Kaisendon Paid $38.82 for the 2 sets.
Salad, soup and Yakitori passable. The mentaiyaki sauce a bit overwhelming. P9 beef Don not available. Duck breast also sold out. Service is excellent

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