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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

πŸ” Zeppin Burger
πŸ“Bizen Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse (@bizensteakhouse)
πŸ“Œ Plaza Singapura
πŸ’° $24.50

Was pretty surprised at the dine-in flow of Bizen as I had to order at the counter and make payment first before even being seated. Ngl I kinda prefer it that way, stops dine and dash incidents too. The best part was that the price reflected on the menu was the nett price, so I didn’t have to do the math πŸ˜€

The patty within the burger was tender and beefy, while the egg and bacon added that extra oomph to the dish. Generally a pretty solid burger though it wasn’t anything outstanding, fries were really crispy though!

⭐ Rating: 8.2/10
πŸ€‘ worth the price: alright
πŸ¦– would I buy again: maybe
πŸ’ would I marry: maybe

πŸ—Pulled Chick ($12.90)
I would drop all my side chicks to marry this pulled chick burger because HOLY MAMA LOOK AT DEM FILLINGS. This was so messy to eat because of the sheer generosity of the pulled chicken, which kept falling out whenever I picked up the burger. The chicken is tender and the sauce is sweet, making the burger all the more savoury. This was extremely impressive and best believe I’ll be back for more.

πŸ”Classic Cheese ($13.90)
The only beef option on the menu, this is basically your classic cheeseburger done right. The buns are fluffy and soft while the cheese is super melty and coats the beef patty perfectly. Each bite takes you on a sin-filled trip to heaven. I did find the burger to be a tad saltier than I would like, but the flavours are so outstanding that it honestly doesn’t matter.

πŸ” B Supreme Burger
πŸ“The Assembly Ground (@theassemblyground)
πŸ“Œ The Cathay / Cineleisure
πŸ’° $24++

Probably my favourite item from @theassemblyground that I’ve tried by far. This burger is hella bussin, the beef patty is cooked nicely and is incredibly juicy and thicc. It also comes with a fried egg with a perfect flowy yolk. The other elements, which are the sauteed mushrooms, bacon, melty cheese and mayonnaise are so savoury and absolutely sinful yet so worth it.

The curly fries are super crispy and the portions are generous too. A really fantastic burger, super filling and will definitely have it again!

⭐ Rating: 9/10
πŸ€‘ worth the price: yes
πŸ¦– would I buy again: yes
πŸ’ would I marry: yes

πŸ” Pulled Pork Burger ($16++) (8.8/10)
This was so good. The brioche buns were buttery and fluffy while the pulled pork was tender, yet sweet and savoury. The curly fries were also ultra crispy and well seasoned. A really great dish that I would return for!

πŸ” Messy Burger
πŸ“BBW Burger Beer Waffle (@bbw.burgerbeerwaffle)
πŸ“Œ Kovan
πŸ’° $20

I am a hoe for burgers, truly. Theres no bigger aphrodisiac than a fat ass stacked juicy mf burger, and this Messy Burger from BBW Burger Beer Waffle is truly a feast for the eyes.

The patty is really thick and juicy while the aioli made the burger even more creamy and sinful. The fried egg was a nice addition, i like how the yolk wasnt fully cooked such that it was a little runny. The soft ass brioche buns also checked all my boxes.

Its a pretty decently priced burger, especially given how it comes with curly fries and coleslaw on the side. Would return for this!

⭐ Rating: 8.7/10
πŸ€‘ worth the price: yes
πŸ¦– would I buy again: yes
πŸ’ would I marry: yes

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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