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Cecil Dulam
Cecil Dulam

The price very reasonable and taste is above average.
Feature :
💕Thai Deep Fried fish delight
The deep fried till crispy outside while inside still remain juicy, not too oily and served with Thai chilli ( toward to sweet than spicy)
Beside the fish I ordered the Pineapple fried rice and hot plate chilli beancurd
The pineapple fried rice ok, but can skip the hot plate chilli beancurd.

📍Bei Sheng Taste Of Thailand.
Block 701A, yishun Ave 5, #01-01


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our fav will be wakatake (matcha, black sesame and Mochi) and the sourdough croissant and for The Coffee, we prefer white coffee than espresso.
💰145.2 MYR ($43.5)
Beside food on the frame , we tabao back 5 croissant and 2 brioche.
📍Re Patisserie.
77 Jalan Beringin, Taman Melodies.

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. Located at restaurants called Multi Mart. The uncle is one man show, from take order, cook and send to us.
The CKT is hidden gem, got wok hei, tasty, not sweet, not oily, and comes with ingredients like fish cake, pork lard and small prawn.
Despite how full we were, we wipe clean the CKT coz always have space for good food lol.
💰8MYR ($2.39).
📍Multi Mart Restaurant.
129 Jalan harimau.

early morning full with customers, the spread of dim sum is quite a lot.
The Bao is soft and full with ingredients, the Shu Mai is meaty, the chicken feet is tasty n cooked in herbal savoury, the fried carrot cake is crisp outer layer when inside smooth.
Overall is very good traditional dim sum.
💰50 MYR ($15) plus 3 te-oh.
📍Restoran Kak Kak 佳佳点心茶楼
No. 9, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju, Johor Bahru 報紙街

IG : ShootandSpoon

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