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Eileen Chen
Eileen Chen

Expected more from this place but the portion and presentation of food just looks sad.

For $8.80, there is just a few pieces of chicken cutlet on top of a bed of rice served in a paper bowl. Chicken cutlet was average, dry and didn’t go well with the mentaiko sauce imo. Rice was dry and slightly mushy too. Just a very average don in a coffee shop - but quite pricey. Will not come back again.

Unpopular opinion but i really like Saizeriya even though its microwaved food. 😂 I think it really depends on the items you choose. My top 3 options are the mentaiko pasta, chicken wings and nacho bacon pizza.

The mentaiko pasta is creamy, savoury and not too jelat. The noodles are al dente and goes really well with the sauce. This is the food item that i always crave for and order when i visit Saizeriya.

Chose 30% but was still very sweet for me. Taro pearls were nice and chewy. Grape juice was too sweet, and tastes artificial, like a sweeter version of gatorade grape. Will just stick to the kingcone in future - their cones are very milky, creamy and super worth it (much better than macs imo).

Standard has dropped over the years. First tried this few years back when it costs only $6.90 and was hooked onto it. Have always been a loyal supporter of this stall. However, prices has increased multiple times since then and now costs $9.90. Sadly, quality has also dropped substantially.

As you can see from the photo, soup base is very diluted now. In the past, the soup was thick and of a cream-like consistency, with lots of mushroom bits. Ingredients are also a lot lesser compared to the past, in particular the noodles were quite sparse. It is no longer the hearty, creamy bowl of noodles that I always craved for in the past.

Not sure if I’ll be back again.

Love the noodles here! Got the lunch set at $17++ and it comes with a drink, dumplings and noodles. The noodles are springy and pork tender, sauce is flavourful. The original dumplings are the best imo.

Food is good but service can be improved. Was served the wrong order couple of times. There was a queue during lunch time but wait was not too long (15min). Will come here again for the food!!

Ordered the yakiniku beef bowl with egg (M: $8.80), gyudon set (M: $6.50) and the mixed yakiniku beef bowl with veg (L: $11.90) and matcha drink with pudding ($5.50).

Beef bowl was yummy and value for money! Similar concept and taste to Yoshinoya, but this has a lot more variety in terms of sizes and toppings for the beef bowls. Taste-wise, enjoyed this slightly more than Yoshinoya as the portion of beef is more generous and also more tender. The soft boiled egg goes well with the beef too! The medium size bowl was filling enough for me.

The matcha drink was bland and below average though, and quite overpriced. Suggest to just go for their beef bowls here.

Paid $38 for this 1-1 deal. Pretty decent and fresh chirashi bowl for the price, got 1 mentaiko and 1 normal. Set comes with green tea, salad and yakitori. Very filling meal even though the chirashi bowl looks small. Will not pay full price for this though, as the food quality is very much average, but it’s value for money for the burpple price paid.

Place was very small and squeezy, ambience is poor especially if you want to sit there and chill. This is more for a takeaway/ “fast food” joint. Staff was friendly though, and offered us a seat at the tonkatsu place beside (which was relatively more spacious). Service was good.

Tried the tai wah bcm. This was the $5 noodles. Loved the ingredients! Pork was soft and goes well with the chilli. Noodles were a tad dry though. Would also prefer if there was more sauce and vinegar.

Pretty good matcha latte. Used the 1 for 1 and got both at $4.50 which was a good deal. When i was there, there were only cold drinks available and drinks menu was quite limited - only non-coffee drinks were available.

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Favourite place to eat a piping hot, hearty bowl of comfort food. Have tried almost all dishes on the menu, and my go-tos are the sambal kang kong, chap chye, ngoh hiang and the diced chicken. Tried the mala chicken mix this time, was pretty good and not unbearably spicy. Would prefer if theres more of the needle mushroom though! Really like all their soups as well. A good place to have a quick, yummy and affordable meal with family.

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