Bangkok 2022

Bangkok 2022

List of food places visited in Bangkok 2022!
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

We chanced upon this dessert shop while walking around after eating at Jeh O, and my oh my the desserts here are fantastic!

Known for their mochi balls that are just like our tangyuan, each ball contains a unique filling. We first got a bowl of 5 taro balls in hot milk (50 Baht) which was pretty fantastic. The mochi balls were nice and chewy and biting into them reveals a velvety smooth taro paste that has a strong taro flavour! It was so good we had to get another.

The second bowl we got was the charcoal green tea balls in cold fresh milk (50 Baht) and the green tea balls were so good! The chewy mochi balls were filled with flowy green tea filling which was so satisfying, especially for green tea lovers like us. The sweetened milk is definitely better cold, as it is filled with crushed ice and it was so refreshing! I had to drink every single drop 😂

Hard to tell you the location, but just turn left after leaving Jeh O and turn left around the corner, walk a small distance till you see a giant snowman in front of the shop and you will be in for a treat 😝 This dessert really is the best after having a spicy meal at Jeh O!

To skip the queue at this super famous restaurant among locals and tourists alike, one can buy the vouchers on klook. Sadly, I bought the wrong vouchers and we did get to try the mama noodles 😭

Nonetheless, we got to try their other signature dishes, including their roast pork belly and salmon sashimi appetiser!

The Roast Pork Belly is really a winner. Wonderful crispy crackling with tender succulent meat, this meat is really addictive. Pair this with the sweet black sauce given and you really can't stop! Really one of the best roasted pork belly I've had.

The salmon sashimi appetiser was pretty interesting, as I don't think I've had raw salmon marinated in a spicy tangy sauce. Still, the salmon was fresh and the tangy sauce actually made it very refreshing!

Will be back to try the mama noodles again 😂

Among the vast number of cafes littered along the main road of Ari, lies this pretty posh looking cafe that is really near the station!

Really appreciated the service here as although we ordered only 1 dessert for the 2 of us, they gladly heated up for us and cut it into bite sized pieces.

We got the Creme Brulee Doughnut which does seem interesting as I have not heard of such doughnut before. My oh my, this is such a delight! The warm doughnut is soft and fluffy on the inside, and has a crispy sugared layer outside that is reminiscent of those on original Krispy Kreme ones. They are filled with a caramel egg custard filling, which makes this doughnut such a sinful yet really delicious one. We wished that we can try more of their bakes, but sadly we were too full 😢 Definitely highly recommended!

Probably one of the coolest cafe concept I've been to, as this cafe is modelled after a science laboratory. With baristas dressed in lab coats and using beakers to hold coffee, this is indeed an interesting experience. There are a few rooms with really vintage equipments to take pictures with to!

We got a Matcha Expresso (155 Baht) which sadly was quite a disappointment, considering how beautiful it looks. We realised that the Matcha used might be the problem as it wasn't quite fragrant.

On the other hand, the Black Yuzu (145 Baht) was pretty refreshing, as the bitter espresso coffee complemented the sweet citrusy yuzu marmalade used.

Both cups came huge, and I can see why many people came here to study or work. Quite an interesting concept that is worth a visit! Maybe can just skip the Matcha drinks 😂

Probably one of the most famous restaurant for crab fried rice but felt like this place got abit too touristy.

Their Signature Crab Fried Rice (480 Baht for M size) indeed came as a huge portion that is enough for 2-3 to share. The fried rice itself has quite abit of wok hei which we appreciated, and it wasn't too salty and oily as well. The rice grains were not clumpy too! However, we were disappointed with the crab meat, as they were not stir fried with the rice and had little to no taste.

The Stir Fried Mantis Shrimp with Chilli and Basil was really good! I enjoyed each bite of the mantis shrimp, as they were really meaty and you can taste the sweetness and seafood flavour of the meat. The sauce itself is very garlicky and spicy, making this dish very shiok!

Lastly we had the crab meat spring rolls as a side and it had a satisfying crunch, though sadly it didn't have much crab taste.

Total bill for the 2 of us amounted to about 1030 Baht which wasn't exactly cheap. Felt like a restaurant you can visit once just for the record.

Had an opportunity to celebrate an occasion in this quite newly opened omakase restaurant and we were so pleased with their food and service!

We had the 18 course (2566 Baht) and we were in for a treat! These are just some photos of my favorite dishes and sushi within the course. We had a variety of exquisite ingredients, from abalone to otoro to wagyu beef to uni. All dishes were executed really well, and there were much interactions with the chef as well. I can never get over the fact that the chef always tell us to "be careful, it can be too yummy!" Love the different taste profiles of the dishes too, as the chef does not make everything seem exquisite just by putting gold flakes or shaved truffles. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to celebrate any occasion!

Managed to find this coffee roastery in a hidden part of Bangkok, and I was so impressed by the coffee!

We got the Dirty Coffee (100 Baht) which was an interesting concept of milk, cream and a shot of coffee. Though it is an iced drink, the owner made sure not to put any ice cubes in that may dilute the coffee. The coffee itself is strong, smooth and incredibly fragrant. Chocolate and nutty notes were apparent. The cream makes the whole cup alot thicker, which I do appreciate.

This is one darn good coffee that I wish I can come back to try every different cuppa.

The all famous Yaowarat Toasted Buns in Chinatown Bangkok, with snaking queues forming when they are just open. The buns are 25 Baht each, and we got 3 flavours: Egg Custard, Milk and Coffee.

All buns are massively filled with their individual fillings and some butter sugar on the top. I must say though the buns were crispy on the outside and soft within, they were too terribly sweet. I think we enjoyed the coffee one the most, because its the least sweet 😂

I don't think it's really worth queueing for, if you are here early when they are open without a queue, sure its worth a try only if you have a massive sweet tooth 😂

Yaowarat Toasted Buns

Seems like a popular old school cafe in Bangkok Chinatown! We had the Salted Egg Pork Floss Toast (168 Baht) and to our surprise, we really enjoyed the toast! We thought the salted egg part was only the shaved salted egg yolk, but there was so much flowy salted egg sauce within! The toast itself is slightly crispy on the outside and the salted egg flavours are so strong! The pork floss adds an additional crispy texture and aavouriness which is a nice touch.

For the drinks, we got the Hong Kong Milk Tea (88 Baht) which is just average. Nothing much to shout out!

The Roast Double Cheeseburger (450 Baht) is really the star of the show. Let's talk about the fries first. The fries are seasoned well, and surprisingly stay crispy even when it's cold! It has a good crust, and the potato within is light and fluffy. Really unlike any fries I've had from other cafes. Bloody damn addictive!

The burger itself has nicely toasted sesame buns that were so soft, and the burger patties were so soft, juicy and full of flavour. The cheese used were thick and melty, and I loved how the cheese flavour is strong in this one! The burger is further enhanced by refreshing pieces of pickles and sliced onions. A darn good cheeseburger indeed

Might be a little expensive for food in Bangkok, but the food really makes me wanna come back here again.

We got the Truffle Alfredo Pasta (340 Baht) which came with a generous amount of bacon and mushrooms. The truffle taste is there, through quite faint. However the sauce is nicely thick and creamy and I loved the crispy bacon slices! Really adds on another layer of flavour and texture.

This is one dessert cafe people go crazy for, and it is quite evident as I had to queue for about 30 mins. We wanted to go for the classic Shibuya Honey Toast (215 Baht), and damn this was pretty satisfying.

Imagine crispy toast, smothered in loads of butter, paired with sweet vanilla ice cream and honey syrup. Definitely sinful, but definitely satisfy any sweet tooth. It helps that the butter used is salted, and that sweet salty combination makes us go for more!

We devoured the toast within minutes 😂 definitely be back to try their bingsu!

Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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