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Don DonDonki
Don DonDonki

[$4 for 2 Junior scoops]
(Junior scoops size is like a tasting portion)

4⭐️/5 Ube (purple yam)
Taste like vanilla ice cream with a hint of yam. Pretty fragrant.

2.5⭐️/ Pistachio
A strong taste of pistachio but very sweet.

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[applicable for burpple 1-for-1]

Able to choose 3 flavours from a large cup
1) Ube - Very sweet, strong taste of the purple yam. Texture like a sorbet

2) Strawberry Yogurt- sour, sweet and fruity. Very balance flavours of a yogurt

3) Choc Honeycomb- sweetness overload. Comes with a chocolate covered honeycomb piece

Ice Cream served with a choice of waffle, brownie or cookie
(Applicable for burpple 1-for-1)
[$8.50] +$1 for premium flavours

3.5⭐️/5 Pistachio ice cream with honey buttermilk waffle
The pistachio ice cream has quite a strong flavour and it tasted like there is a mixture of another flavour which I cannot tell (like coconut or kaya?). The waffles comes with honey. Together with the pistachio ice cream, it is quite a good combination.

3.5⭐️/5 Raspberry ice cream with fudge brownie
The sorbet ice cream tasted a little like raspberry candy. Some sorbet is quite icy but the texture of this sorbet is quite thick. I can’t really judge this as I am not a fan of sorbet. The brownie fudge is really good because of the crispy outer layer and soft middle due to the fudge.

Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1
2x Thai Beef Noodles ($9.90 before gst)
1x Thai Milk Tea ($3.80 before gst)
1x Thai Green Milk Tea ($3.80 before gst)
1x Single Kaya Dip Golden Toast ($5.20 before gst)
1x Pandan Taro Kaya Shibuya toast ($5.20 before gst)

3⭐️/5 Thai Beef noodles (not in picture)
Beef noodles comes with beef slice, beef balls, daikon, bean sprouts. Soup is quite appetising but felt that it could be some what richer or thicker. The dish contains a good deal of beef slices and the beansprouts can be a little raw to some. Overall, a hearty meal.

4⭐️/5 Pandan Taro Kaya Shibuya Toast
The toast is served with half kaya half taro dip and some Oreo and Lotus biscuits crumbs topped with a coconut ice cream. The kaya and the taro dip is not that sweet, thick and creamy. Its a good dessert to go with as there is a variety amount of toppings on a soft yet crispy toast.
(Get this Shibuya toast instead of the single kaya dip golden toast. For the same amount of money, you get 2 different dips, some biscuit bits and ice cream with the same quantity of toast.)

-⭐️/5 Thai Milk Tea
-⭐️/5 Green Thai Milk Tea
Just a normal thai milk tea

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Applicable for Burpple 1 for 1 [mains & desserts set]
Lava Cake
($10 before Gst)
Lava cake is served with vanilla Ice cream and strawberry at the top. The overflowing of hot chocolate lava in the thin layer of cake with the ice cream is really well balance. Nothing could go wrong in this dish. Ice cream is just a normal vanilla ice cream.

Apple Crumble
($8 before Gst)
Same as the lava cake, the apple crumble is served with vanilla Ice cream and strawberry at the top. Ice cream is the same too, normal. Apple crumble top bits is good however, the filling inside was underwhelming. The filling consists of a very small slab of apple puree without any apples in it. Will choose the lava cake instead.


Applicable for Burpple 1 for 1
Forgotten to take photo again haha

Single scoop for $4.20

3⭐️/5 Hazelnut- premium +$1
Hazelnut ice cream is quite strong (which is good). Not too sweet and quite tasty. Will recommend to order this if you do not like more of a funky flavour as its quite a safe option.

3⭐️/5 Sea Salt Gula Jawa (palm sugar)
It was overly too salty for me as it felt like the sea salt covers entirely of the sweetness from Gula Jawa.
It felt like the ice cream is not mixed well enough, can feel a little powder aftertaste.

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Trying to see if Burpple Beyond is worth it 🕵️‍♂️ (Reviewing “BURPPLE BEYOND RESTAURANTS”) 🍽

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