Just a list of what I have ate
Ming Er Ong
Ming Er Ong

Only a few mains are available for Burpple Deal:
- Braised Pork Rice $5.80
- Chicken Cutlet Rice $6.80
- Pork Intestine Mee Sua $5.80
- Chicken Mee Sua $5.80
- Oyster Mee Sua $5.80

- Braised Pork Rice
This was warm and comforting! The meat was soft and easy.

- Chicken Cutlet Rice
Chicken was nice; As compared to Shilin Fried Chicken Cutlet, it has less seasoning, but the texture of the chicken is chunky and not “flattened” like Shilin!

- Strip-loin Beef + Shiitake & Button Mushroom Don
- Grilled Teriyaki Chicken + Grilled Salmon Salad

The don has a soft boiled egg, corn, and broccoli.
The salad consists of greens, broccoli, cherry tomato, corn and carrot!

We ordered chose medium doneness for beef, a little bit tough as expected for medium but still nice! They were delicious and the Burpple deal is totally worth it for its portion! Filling indeed.

A chill and quiet place for a Friday evening!

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A quiet and chill place on a Friday night!

Mains - Cajun Chicken
Mains - Ai Funghi Risotto
Drinks - Hazelnut Latte
Drinks - Strawberry Italian Soda

The Cajun Chicken was salty (but I like it!) and it is delicious! The chicken was a generous size, the fries were better than the usual western fries out there!

The Ai Funghi Risotto was nice and comforting too, with alot of mushrooms in it!

For the drinks, I think they are pretty normal. Wished that they have more drink choices next time that are not caffeinated!

Love that it is no gst and service charge where we have to personally order, bring the food and clear the plates ourselves!

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2nd visit since 3 months ago and things have definitely changed!

1. It used to be no service charge where you have to collect the food by yourself, right now they will bring the food to you (with service charge + gst) so abit more ex!

2. The Ben and Jerry Ice Cream booth is new too! Not sure if it is just temporary though. Now you can enjoy the waffles with B&J scoop. Current available flavours are: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Berry Sorbet, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Garcia. Seems like the flavours may change and they pasted labels over some flavours.
Current promo is $1 waffles with any ice cream.

3. Also a new drink added to the menu: Milkshake! For the milkshake, you can choose any of the flavours available from the Ben and Jerry selection.

Like the other Friday night I went, the place has low footfall (50% capacity) But it’s a good place to work/study with free wifi available, or an impromptu date night at a quiet place without having to reserve!

- BBQ Jumbo Beef Burger
The burger is great! Thick juicy patty with bacons.
It comes with potato chips (yes, just the potato chips out of the bag) and vegetables (tomato, lettuce, pickles )

- Teriyaki Chicken Pasta
Have never heard of a combo of pasta with teriyaki sauce, but it does not disappoint, surprisingly good.

- Milkshake
Got the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour, a classic flavour to choose for a milkshake. Love the milkshake as it is not too sweet!

- Iced Lychee Fiesta
The drink comes with 2 lychees on a stick. Lychee is sweet, however the drink itself has really light lychee and floral taste like all teas so don’t expect much


1. Deep Fried Sea Bass with Triple Flavoured Sauce
Original Price: $19
You can choose from 3 sauces (Triple Flavoured Sauce, Thai Red Curry, Mango Salad). Love this dish! The sauce is sweet and sour with mild spiciness (I have low tolerance for spicy food). The sea bass skin is crispy and the flesh is fresh.

2. Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Original Price: $10
Like what another reviewer said, the chicken is less than the other ingredients in the dish.

3. Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Clear, Large)
Original Price: $10
Can choose between creamy or clear soup. Shiok because it’s sour, not that spicy. It contains tomato, shimeji mushroom and prawns

4. Thai Omelette with Prawn and Crab Stick
Original Price: $10
Fluffy and nice!

5. White Rice
Original Price: $0.80 each bowl
Not part of the Burpple deal haha

The burpple deal is definitely better than the family set available.

The total cost ended up being $19 + $10 + 4*$0.80 = $32.20

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For Burpple set there will be a separate menu!

9 main bowls to choose from (BP1-BP9).

Comes with 2x main bowls, 2x green tea, 2x salad, 2x clam miso soup, and 4x chicken yakitori sticks. (Very filling!)

Have gotten Kei Signature Kaisendon and Mentaiyaki Kaisendon. The signature bowl is classic, cant go wrong with it (Well it’s the chain’s name). It has a good variety of ingredients (tuna, salmon, squid, mock abalone, seaweed, roe) Personally find eating the mentaiyaki one alone will be gelat, so better share it! (Ate this twice already) I like how the soup is not plain but have mushrooms, kelp, tofu and plenty of clams.


We got a 3 course meal ;)
Appetisers - Mrs Pho Fried Spring Roll & Mama’s Lucky Meat Balls
Mains - Chicken Pho & Sliced Beef Pho
Dessert - 2 x Creme Caramel
Drinks - Lemonade & Summer Iced Tea

We were off to an excellent start with appetisers. The meat balls are juicy and the spring rolls were crunchy! The chicken in the pho is soft and well flavoured. (I don’t mind MSG!) Beef soup was better but the beef slice was slightly tough. The caramel pudding wrapped up the meal nicely. Super love the lemonade drink! It was the perfect sourness! Glad to have stumbled upon this place randomly! Really worth it

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A quiet spot which is great for catchups!

Had their (Paiseh no good photos):
🥚 Ultimate Eggs Benedict
A classic

🐟 Lemon Butter Baked Salmon
Salmon was smaller than expected at that price

🍵 Matcha Latte
Not too sweet which is good!

🍰 French Vanilla Crepe Cake
Flavour is more concentrated at the top layer.

🍰 Red Velvet Crepe Cake
More flavourful than French Vanilla!

🍦 Free Vanilla Ice Cream + Free Strawberry Ice Cream topped with mini marshmallows
There was an ongoing promo on free ice cream! Didn't expect it as we already claimed Burpple Deal and normally the place don't allow people to stack multiple promos. The staff came over to ask if we would like the free ice cream which we of course didn't refuse 😛

Note: If you reserve a seat online, you cannot use Burpple but they allowed us to cancel the reservation at no cost!

Classic curry don! Portion is good. Not crowded due to its location on a 2nd level of a shophouse, so a nice place to have lunch without having to queue!

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Ordered rice bowls instead of rolls (although that is their specialty 😂) because we were hungry. The portion is also good! They don't skimp on the meat. The bowls also taste awesome. Chicken tikka was just a little spicy so those who can't take spiceness can try! Staff were also friendly! Will be back to try the rolls next time!


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