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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍜 Spicy Laksa Ramen
📍Mr Ramen
📌 K88 Kopitiam @ Chinatown (@k88kopitiam)
💰 $7.90

When I ordered this, I was fully expecting to be served a bowl of typical laksa but no, this is ACTUALLY laksa ramen.

The laksa broth is really thick with a strong coconut milk fragrance, so good. The noodles are ramen noodles and theyre stretchy and chewy. Theres also an egg and cha siu to complete it.

For the price I think I'd rather get a normal bowl of laksa but this is seriously great.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: would date

🍹 Green Apple Cooler ($8.90++)
Really refreshing, it comes with agar agar and red beans, and a soda to pour in. I couldn't really taste the apple element as I assume they use a syrup for it. Would like it more if apple chunks were also added!

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🍱 YAYOI Premium Zen ($30.90++)
The Premium Zen set comes with Mini Saba, Gyoza, Mini Tonkatsu, Ebi Fry, Salmon Sashimi and Mesclun Salad. I like how there's a bit of everything such that people who like variety (like me) get to try all sorts of different dishes. My favourite element was definitely the Mini Tonkatsu, which was fried to a crisp perfection. The pork meat was chewy with a small amount of fats, which made it richer and more satisfying to devour.

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🥟Mentai Gyoza ($6.90) (7.4/10)
The gyoza itself is on the average side, just filled with chicken and veges. The mentaiko mayo is savoury and not overly fishy, really nice!

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🥡Takoyaki ($4.90) (7.8/10)
Pretty standard. Comes with 5 pieces, the interior is gooey and hot and the octopussy pieces are quite big.

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🍛Kuri Buta Katsu Kare ($15.90) (8/10)
The pork is tender, though a bit tougher than the chicken. The curry rice itself is not bad but it doesn't really stand out much. Its not too salty though, which I liked.

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🍲Tori Katsu Don ($10.90) (8.3/10)
It looks simple but its actually pretty flavourful. The egg is soft and silky while the tori cutlet is super tender and crispy. The rice was a bit tougher than I'd like, but a really good dish!

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📍Takagi Ramen (@takagiramen)
📌 Multiple Outlets

Takagi Ramen is a Japanese restaurant with multiple outlets islandwide. I paid a visit to the Chong Pang outlet, which is open 24h, and I got to enjoy some of their dishes. Prices aren't included in this review as the prices vary among different outlets, but I was really surprised at how affordable the dishes were. At the Chong Pang outlet, you can get a donburi for $3.90 and a bowl of ramen from $6.90!

🍜 Butashoga Ramen (8.6/10)
This ramen comes with tonkotsu broth and sweet ginger-braised pulled pork. The broth is really milky, light and quite refreshing. It's not overly salty and is really tasty. The pork is also really tender and flavourful.

🌶 Karaka-men (8.4/10)
This dish does not hold back on the spice. The spicy tonkotsu broth has a noticeable kick to it, and was really enjoyable as a spice lover. I think the chashu pieces were a tad dry but the portions were good.

🥟 Gyoza (8.2/10)
Filled with chicken and vegetables and served with mayo on the side, I really enjoyed these gyozas! They were crispy and not too oily, and were flavourful yet not too salty.

🥡 Takoyaki (8/10)
The takoyaki has a soft and moist centre, which is better than most commercial takoyakis that have a less gooey consistency. The octopus pieces are a bit on the small side such that I couldn't taste them at first, but as a whole, these takoyakis are pretty good for the price!

🥤Taro Kokonattsu Calfizzy & Blue Lychee Calfizzy ($7.90)
Super pretty drinks, we got them in taro and lychee. The taro one tasted more like grape with a very faint hint of actual taro, while the lychee one was stronger in taste. Both were really refreshing and suitable for sweet soda lovers. Plus they come with haw flakes and firm, chewy sakura pearls, which were a delight to suck.

🍚 Premium Buta Don & Jyako Negi Tofu
📍Aburi-EN (@aburien.sg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $$++

The first time I tried Aburi-EN was during the circuit breaker period when they had 20% off takeaway orders. I think I had one of the iberico pork dons and I still think about it to this day because of how ridiculously amazing it was. Hence I went back recently to try one of their other dishes.

🥩 Premium Buta Don ($15++) (8/10)
While this doesn't hold a flame to the iberico pork, I still quite enjoyed it. The pork is thinly sliced and has some kind of sweet glaze on it. The meat is really tender and it has a bit of a char siew taste, but thats kinda it. The whole dish is just a few pieces of pork on plain white rice. Gets kinda boring after a while especially for the price.

🍥 Jyako Negi Tofu ($4++) (7/10)
I mean... its just tofu. Chilled and on the firm side, it's refreshing and delightful but for $4, there's nothing special.

The meat is fantastic but at the price I dont really think its a steal. Would likely get the meat dishes without rice next time!

🍜 Truffle Ramen
📍Mr Ramen
📌 K88 Kopitiam @ Chinatown (@k88kopitiam)
💰 $11.90

Truffle ramen at a coffeeshop... whut. Was super fascinated when I walked past Mr Ramen at K88 Kopitiam in Chinatown, so I had to try it. I've had my fair share of hella disappointing truffle dishes, so I was kinda expecting this one to disappoint me too.

Thankfully it didn't, else I woulda rioted. The truffle taste in this is STRONG!!!! There's truffle oil in the soup, PLUS a dollop of truffle paste thing. If you love truffle, you def wont be disappointed by this ramen.

It could be a little overwhelming for those who dislike strong tastes or truffle, but if you're a truffle fanatic like me, this is one of the strongest truffle dishes I've had. Albeit its slightly chemical-y but for the price I wouldn't expect them to whip out actual truffles.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: sure

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🥐 Fleur de Framboise
📍The Lunar Rabbit Boulangerie (@lunar.rabbit.boulangerie)
📌 Hamilton Road
💰 $8.20
🤑 Promo code:《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on @pickupp.sg

One of the prettiest pastries I've had, this Fleur de Framboise viennoiserie from @lunar.rabbit.boulangerie comes with raspberry jam in the middle. The steep price is due to the effort that it takes to craft the petals of the flower!

The bread aspects of this viennoiserie are buttery and fragrant, like a croissant. The well of jam in the middle is generous enough to coat the whole bread. It's really natural tasting with a sweet tangyness.

You can get Fleur de Framboise in a box with some of @lunar.rabbit.boulangerie 's other pastries, including Trio of C, which I have reviewed previously, on @pickupp.sg ! Get FREE DELIVERY from now until 30 June plus $5 off when you use my promo code 《BREADINOSAUR》with min spend of $14 😚

⭐ Rating: 8.6/10
🤑 worth the price: its a little pricey but I can see why the price is steep
🦖 would I buy again: maybe!
💍 would I marry: yesss


🍰 Orh Nee Swiss Roll
📍The Hainan Story Bakery (@thehainanstorybakery)
📌 Hillion Mall
💰 $12.80
🤑 PROMO CODE: 《BREADINOSAUR 》 for $5 off @pickupp.sg

Third time trying @thehainanstorybakery 's swiss rolls! Ive tried their belgian chocolate roll and kaya pandan roll before, which were great, so my standards for this roll were pretty high too.

Was kinda surprised to find that the taro filling had been cooked with fried shallots inside, cuz Ive never had a yam cake with shallots before. Hence this cake roll was very slightly more savoury than other yam cakes I've had.

The yam filling was very very smooth and had a natural yam taste. The addition of fried shallots added an fragrant onion aroma that wasn't overwhelming or strange.

The cake was also suuuuper soft and fluffy. That, combined with the generous amount of yam filling, made this a really good cake!

You can get this swiss roll, along with plenty of @thehainanstorybakery 's other bakes with FREE DELIVERY via @pickupp.sg ! Get an extra $5 off when you use my code 《BREADINOSAUR》when checking out with a min spend of $14 😚

⭐ Rating: 8.7/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: ye

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