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Snack Snack

Featuring Gin Thye Cake Maker (Sembawang), 50年 Taste of Tradition (Westgate), Makkah International
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Cant rlly rmb the price, this was very good tho. The sweetness is pronounced yet not overwhelming, considerable crunch, and there's also a complexity to it.

Lovely stuff

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Very average and damn flat, not a lot of roe. The frozen ones for hotpot are much much better

Unfortunately not as good as I rmbed the TOA payoh branch's being.

Exterior was still shatteringly crisp, the bottom wasn't crisp at all tho. Somehow it feels a tad too oily from the butter this time in terms of flavour, not that it was actually dripping w oil or anything. Custard was pretty good

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From some generic mart

Not good, can't taste the honey, can't taste anything, the texture isn't the best either

First time having it and was quite surprised. There's a soft candy that looks exactly like this, but this was much harder. The texture is as if you mixed that with nougat, esp given the nuts inside. Not bad at all and I guess good enough to betray someone for in Narnia haha

There's actl a palpable heat, and it's pretty aromatic. Doesn't beat the original in terms of impact though

Really good. They're all basically one small piece of crunch(very crunchy btw) and the original one has a very strong savoury aroma(probably from some kind of brined veggie) and slightly savoury too

The sweet one isn't very good, it's supposed to be nuts inside I guess but it's not very sweet or aromatic at all

Would travel for food

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