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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

It tastes more like a dessert than a soup, I don't really like it. Very thin and not much grains

It's pretty good, very fruity and not too sweet. The peach taste can be abit stronger but this is decent enough as it is

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It's unflavoured so that's bad enough normally cos it's just sour, but it's a bit more watery than I like

Quite average, not very crunchy. There's a bit of chili oil

Terrible. There's this weird powdery crystal like texture and the flavour was damn mild too, plus it's healthy? so it's not sweet enough

Honestly at this point I feel like no matter how good it looks, the fact that it's soaked in some water for so long ensures that the corn will never taste anywhere as good as fresh. Tho I have to say this one was decent

The flavours penetrated very well, and is of the right strength. Texture was on point too

Absolutely delicious and the high quality very unexpected of a frozen product, esp since it's not too expensive either

It's dry and the skin texture is terrible. Not good but not unbearable either

Can be eaten cold, I followed the instructions and the middle was still frozen so not rlly edible

But even after heating it didn't taste spectacular

The funk and slight saltiness were all there, and it's actually quite decent. The texture is slightly different from your usual creamy brie, it's a little more custardy. Good enough for most purposes tho I presume

Compared to their glass bottle 2.3nett 300ml

Have to say there's a diff tho, this one's more diluted and the original somehow has a "darker" flavour. Still decent but nowhere near as wow

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Quite mild but the corn flavour was there, and satisfying enough for 1nett

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Would travel for food

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