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Yang Xunsheng
Yang Xunsheng

Cucumber so smooth, sourish and savoury. A good appetiser.
Mantou is solid, crunchy and fluffy with spam of condensed milk

Achievement Unlocked - Eating hotpot in the middle of the day like there's no work to be done.馃ぃ
The Hotpot Buffet($29.80) with a single/dual soup base(+$8) was a great steal if you are all about quantity and not quality. Stuffed ourselves with mountain loads of food that were being thrown into the mushroom and chicken soup. We were so full that we need to unbuckle the belt to get some comfort space for the tummy.馃ぃ
The buffet also includes some cold dishes, cooked dishes, self-service sauce mixing station, free-flow fountain drinks and a variety of ice cream.
And look, they even served mantou with condensed milk. It was good. Crispy, fluffy and sweet.
馃毄Chuan Shi Dai Steamboat Chuan Chuan Xiang 涓查浠g伀閿呬覆涓查, Jurong East Ave 1, 01-1237 Block 350, Singapore 600350
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A catch up steamboat session.馃槂
Food coma from the Dinner Buffet @gorogorosg with our spams of meat, seafood(only at night), vegetables and many other stuff. The options were many, quality were okay for the price and the best part is can ownself take the free flow food.
Buffet includes free flow water, fruit punch and聽 calamansi drink. Drink were kinda diluted much.
The cooked food can skipped but do not skip the korean chicken wings. Sweet and crunchy despite its cheap looking appearance.
The soup we choose were Beauty Collagen, Miso Seaweed, Mala and Herbal Chicken.
All were tasty and appetising in it own way but I prefer the collagen most.馃槤 Mala wasn't too oily and moderate spicy. Miso standard salty taste. Herbal chicken herbal taste.
Desserts and fruits here were great especially the Orh Nee.馃 It was sweet, starchy and smooth. The taste is great.
Watermelon were big, fresh & juicy.
Time limit - 90min/120min depending on day, meal time and no. of pax.
Adult/Student & Senior/Child
Mon-Fri Lunch - $17.90++/15.90++/9.90++
Sat-Sun Lunch - $27.90++/$24.90++/$16.90++
Mon-Thur Dinner - $27.90++/$24.90++/$16.90++
Fri-Sun Dinner - $29.90++/$26.90++/$16.90++
馃毄GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet(Centrepoint), 176 Orchard Rd, 03-43, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
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Pork Belly Sliced($16.80)馃槏
USA Beef Shortplate($23.80)馃槏
Mushroom Combo($16.80)馃グ
Fried Pork Rib($13.80)馃構

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Mashed Prawn Paste($16.80)馃構馃構
Fried Beancurd Skin($8.80)馃ぉ
Bamboo Shoots($5.80)馃槏
Pineapple Slushie 馃構

Da Hong Pao Milk Tea without pearl, less ice and 50% sugar. It was a great cup in term of milkiness, sweetness and teaness.

Got crab, Abalone, Salmon, prawn, surf clam, mussels. Same can't split evenly to share but okay. 馃槀

Too little meat for us to share.馃槩
At least its fresh!

To celebrate my laziness in updating a post.馃ぃ Had the most expensive hotpot meal I ever had so far with a bunch of people.馃捀馃捀
We had a private room where a minimum spending of $666 is required. Well, you can guess roughly how much we had spend in total.馃槄
Since the private room had been activated, we were eligible to have the Triple-Flavour Hotpot($118). We had the Taiwan Style Spicy, Bovine Bone Tomato and Coconut Chicken. Broth were tasty and flavourful on its own with loads of pre-ingredients in it.
I quite like the coconut chicken as it was refreshing, cooling and clean in taste. As for tomato, the beef flavour was rich in it. Taiwan spicy was balanced in spiciness, oiliness and doesn't taste like Mala if you're wondering. It also comes with loads of big cube handmade firm tofu in it and it's free flow and also can packet it home as many pieces as you like for your next day enjoyment.
The food we had,
- Fresh Live Lobster(L)($88.80)馃
- Seafood Combo(L)($128)馃
- Mashed Prawn Paste($16.80)馃構馃構
- Pork Belly Sliced($16.80)馃槏
- USA Beef Shortplate($23.80)馃槏
- Fried Beancurd Skin($8.80)馃ぉ
- Mushroom Combo($16.80)馃グ
- Bamboo Shoots($5.80)馃槏
- Fried Pork Rib($13.80)馃構
- Appetiser Spread($5.80) means self-service free flow sauce station, fruits, rice and appetiser.
Food overall were handled and clean properly. Freshness was maintained and presentation were top-notch.
A good hotpot meal needs a drink to wash down聽 your palate. Bubble Tea is the way to go with when you are here. Yes! Bubble Tea! Not often you seen it in most hotpot places.馃槷
What makes it even better is the Bubble Tea served in a freaking huge tall cup that you will question your life choice all of a sudden.馃槼
I had the Da Hong Pao Milk Tea($5.20) without pearl, less ice and 50% sugar. It was a great cup in term of milkiness, sweetness and teaness.
After having a filling meal, request to serve the free flow ice cream and their signature pineapple slushie to end it off with a 'ong lai' 'huat'. But I don't know who the real one 'huating'.馃き
Anyway, they got a $300 promo voucher where it can be instantly buy and use on the spot of payment.
Why buy? Cause for every $300 spent, there is a $50 dollar cashback which means a discount applied instantly. Plus, the deal can be stacked. So from this hotpot, we have save a total of $100 since we brought two of it.
In case you miss out what I wrote. You can takeaway their iconic firm tofu in spicy broth. All you need to do is just tell them.
馃毄Coucou Hotpot鈥rew Tea ( Suntec City ), Tower 1&2, 03-332/333/334/335/336/337 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD SUNTEC CITY MALL, 038983
Song Credit: 涓嬮攨浜(The Hotpot Song) - MiLK鐗涘ザ涔愰槦
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Pork Shabu Shabu, Luncheon Meat, Sausages, Kimchi, Enoki Mushrooms, Baby Napa Cabbage, Leek, Corn, Silken Tofu, Instant Noodles, Korean Rice Cakes

Good old classic army stew never goes wrong. Comforting all time.

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Pork Shabu Shabu, Japanese Chashu, Clams, Tiger Prawns, Scallops, Pork Balls, Japanese Ajitama, Enoki and Shimeji Mushrooms, Baby Napa Cabbage, Leek, Silken Tofu

Maybe the saltiest of all but also the most flavourful of all. Heavy taster would like it. But the basic flavour lacking.

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Pork shabu shabu, tiger prawns, clams, scallops, fish roe ball, pork balls, shimeji mushrooms, nai bai, leek, corn, fried beancurd roll

I like this flavour. A little creamy. The ingredients soaked the flavour nicely. Still a little salty. 馃槀 Not spicy, don't worry.

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