Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Omoté (Thomson Plaza), Itacho Sushi (Plaza Singapura), LECOQ, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Teppei Syokudo (Millenia Walk), Poke Doke (Millenia Walk), Shunjuu Izakaya, SUKIYA (Suntec City), Genki Sushi (Westgate)
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Kaisen hitsumabushi @ $18.80++

It's quite difficult to go wrong with unagi don so i would say this is quite average. Pricing was alright but would have preferred a bit more unagi and sashimi. The sashimi was alright though I wouldn't say it's super fresh.

Spicy chicken and mushroom melt @ $18

The bread is really nice.
The fillings are ok - can't really taste the spiciness but overall is good.

Some dishes might be quite expensive but might come back to try the dons next time.

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Black sesame ice cream @ $6++
+ red beans @ $1++
Vanilla ice cream with purple shiso liquer (they also call it summer love) @ $12++

Black sesame is always loved. And even better with red beans.
The vanilla ice cream taste is quite strong so the liqeur taste is a little bit mild in comparison. Nice that it comes with the toppings though they're a bit much for the small ice cream. Might not pay so much just for this in the future, and just stick to the basic.


Garlic fried rice @ $8++

Super good! After 10years the taste is still the same, with the rice being super flavourful and even the spring onions makes the dish taste even better. Really love this.


Fried freshwater shrimp @ $11++

It tasted a bit bland at first but the taste was elevated after we put some of the chilli powder on it. Not sure if they meant for it to be less seasoned and for us to add the powder, or did they forget to season it. Still a great dish!


Top left: pork belly @ $6++
Top right: chicken meatball @ $3++ & chicken liver @ $2.50++
Bottom left: chicken with plum and perilla @ $4++ & ox tongue @ $4.50++
Bottom middle: scallop rolled with pork @ $6.50++ & oyster rolled with pork @ $6++ & garlic rolled with chicken skin @ $3.50++
Bottom right: asapragus rolled with pork @ $4++ & golden mushroom rolled with pork @ $3.50++ & chicken cartilage @ $4++

All are super great! The grilled food here is all very nicely seasoned and goes great with the chilli powder that they put on the table so we can put however much we want. Our favourite is the pork belly and we must order one each everytime we come (some things cannot share). They also have good variety of innards which are tasty too.


Top: Pita tofu @ $5++
Bottom: tako wasabi @ $9++
Right: dried pufferfish @ $16++

All are great and taste like how they've been 10 years ago. Although I do think the tako wasabi and dried pufferfish are a little smaller in portion.

In case you never tried pufferfish before, this tastes almost like bakkwa, super worth a try!

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Top: original mazesoba @ $13.90
Bottom: spicy mazesoba + 2pcs of charsiew @ $13.90+ $2.50

Overall it's not bad and quite tasty. Can choose between original (beef + pork) meat sauce or pork meat sauce and we went with the original. Other than that, it's a lot of greens (different types of onions + seaweed).

Portion can be slightly smaller (maybe arnd 10%?) cuz the taste does get a bit one dimensional after a while.

30 plates + 1 side @ $108++

Pretty standard, quality quite in the middle. Got some variety but after a while it feels like we have exhausted it. Nothing much to comment about, maybe just the crab cream croquette (picture in top right) is quite a miss - it's just cream and no crab :(

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Top: crayfish mee pok dry @ $10
Right: Japanese fusion mee pok dry, miso @ $7

Simply delicious.

The Japanese fusion meepok comes with choice of miso or shoyu and dry or soup. The miso makes the dish a little sweeter than the usual bakchormee, but the blend is great. Comes with generous amount of ingredients too, minced meat, sliced meat, 2 meatballs and 2 charsiew slices. The meatball is tender and the charsiew is tasty.

Went with the crayfish meepok cuz it's the same price as the charsiew meepok which has almost the same ingredients as the basic one. This comes with a bigger bowl of soup which also contains the seafood broth. The noodles and ingredients are almost the same with slight tinge of seafood taste. The crayfish itself isn't super fresh but is okay.

Super satisfying meal and will not stop thinking about it for a while.

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Triple cheese low carb gyudon @ $7.10
+ green veggie set with miso soup @ $2

Previously was very satisfied with the kimchi version and decided to give this a try. Am rather disappointed because it's more expensive but the cheese seems to be low grade and can't taste anything. And the veggie is a bit too salty.

Will stick to the kimchi one next time.

Crispy wings @ $8+

These wings are the best dish of the night. Crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Not sure what's the sauce that comes with it but it goes very well with the chicken and there's a slight tinge of spiciness to it. We finished the sauce after two wings and asked for more to go with the third wing which they generously gave.

Quite a nice place to chill (though the music is a little bit loud for conversations).

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