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Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Premium flavours @ $5.20 with burpple beyond deal.

We got hokkaido strawberry milk and apple yakult, flavours that are less found in other places. The former was mild and creamy, while the latter was a bit sour but refreshing. The serving was generous and enjoyable.

Waffle + 2 premium scoops @ $13.70

Ice cream flavours are almond with crunchy bits & irish with white chocolate. We like that this place has offerings that are a bit more rarely seen so can try something new. Both flavours are great and can really taste the almond and irish-y flavours.

The waffle is also nice but not super fantastic and is a bit unevenly done - some parts crispier than others.

Overall we did enjoy it quite well.

Lotus biscoff burnt cheesecake @ $25

Got this with groupbuy and loved it. The texture is good and not overly sweet. The taste is also well balanced, the biscoff taste is not overly strong that it covers the cheesecake flavour.

Would like to try other flavours and of course their orh nee tarts.

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Top: rum and raisin
Bottom: ondeh ondeh

Both are premium rolls @ $12.90 each
~$9ish after 30% burpple beyond discount

Both rolls tasted great and we like the details in each of them. The rum and raisin one really tasted like rum and there's also raisin bits in it. Likewise the ondeh ondeh one also has coconut shreds in it.

Not too sweet and tasted super well when served cold.

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Sesame snow ice @ $6.90

Simply can't resist black sesame. This is tasty but feels that the black sesame taste can be even stronger.

Goes super well with its best friend, red beans.

Also comes with some mochi balls which are a little bit too chewy.

Left: buttermilk waffle ($6.50) & sea salt caramel ice cream (standard @ $3.50)
Right: charcoal waffle ($8.50) & taro ice cream (standard @ $3.50)
Got this with 1 for 1.

Love that the waffle is thick and has got a good crisp to it. The buttermilk one tasted good and so does the charcoal one but the charcoal taste can be a bit more.

Both ice creams are good as well especially the taro ice cream which was a little surprising.

Overall satisfied but the food items here seem a little on the pricey side. Will only come with 1for1 deal.

Niangao waffle @ $6.80
Two scoops @ $8

Really happy with this, we thought the niangao waffle might be gelat after a while but it didn't. The taste and texture were all really good.

We had problems deciding which ice cream flavour to go for but went with salted caramel gula melaka and osmanthus oolong in the end. The former is a little bit too sweet but goes well with the waffle, while the latter has a very nice and refreshing taste. The oolong is a little bit strong so maybe not for those who don't like tea.

There's lots of interesting flavours for the ice cream here so we're likely to be back for other ice cream and waffle flavours!

Oops forgot to take photo of the ice cream.
Soursop mint in cone @ $5
Yam ice cream in cup @ $4

There's quite a few interesting flavours and it's a generous portion for the price. All ice creams are at the same price, which is something that we like and appreciate as well.

Will be back if happened to be around the area.

Top: honeycomb ice cream + waffle @ $10
Bottom: ricotta with pistachio bits ice cream + waffle @ $11
Used 1for1 burpple beyond so only paid $11 in total for two.

The ricotta ice cream has a good cheese taste that's strong enough but not overpowering or gelat. The pistachio bits can be a bit smaller and more infused. The honey comb ice cream is a bit more bland and some of the honey comb bits are quite large and hard.

The waffle is not bad, a bit more of the crispy type.

1 for 1 burpple beyond $4.90 for two small bingsus: mango madness and halo halo.

So happy to finally find an affordable bingsu place as I never understood how it is possible to charge more than $15 for a bowl of shaved ice. This shop is located within a coffee shop at the HDB void deck and we missed it totally and had to walk backwards before we found it (also a bit blind on our part cuz it's actually just next to the drink stall and is actually quite prominent).

Mango madness is of course mango flavour and tastes good. Halo halo is supposed to be milk flavour but we didn't taste much of it in the shaved ice. However it's topped with coco crunch and bite size biscuits and some chocolate drizzle which makes the whole thing tastes good too.

Definitely will be back to try other flavours, even without the 1 for 1.

Golden waffle with 2 classic scoops @ $11 ($4.50 + $6.50)

The waffle is quite well made, good texture and smells good when served with the maple syrup, though it's not extraordinary.

Got the fior di latte (japanese milk) and chocolate chip mint flavours for the ice cream. The former is light and goes really well with the waffle. The latter is quite a standard choc chip mint flavour and tastes a little bit syrupy.

Generally not bad but nothing exceptional, good place to hang out in the neighbourhood.

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4pcs peanut filling tang yuan with ginger soup @ $2.30

Very nice dessert for a cooling weather. The taste of the ginger in the soup is perfect, can taste it but it's not overpowering.

The texture of the tangyuan is also great, chewy exterior and when bitten, the peanut filling fills the mouth immediately.

Will be back to try other soup base (options: peanut, almond milk, longan and dates) next time!

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