Featuring Ah Chiang's Porridge (Tiong Bahru), Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant (Yuan Ching Road), Durian Lab Café, Victory Hainanese Curry Rice (Geylang Bahru Market), Lek Kee Authentic Teochew Braised Duck (People's Park Complex)
Boom Za
Boom Za

$3.50 for 2 Veg 1 Meat + curry is really delicious!
Whole dish tasted reealllly fresh!

Highly recommend the pork cutlet.
EXtremely crispy yet juicy and tender.
Unlike most fried meat you get outside, the pork cutlet had more meat than flour! ~~85% meat.
Auntie was very generous with the portion of meat too!

Good google reviews and long queue.
Thought it was quite average, nothing special. Quite salty imo. Had to drink lots of water after this meal. Duck wasn’t tender when i had it.. in fact, it was q hard. Nothing special about the taste…
Though not the best, I would recommend trying the one at springleaf instead.
Khatib central has the best kway w soup while springleaf has tastier ingredients

Raw fish 😋:
As good as it looks yum yum

Must order: watercress w pork liver
Pork liver was well cooked not over-cooked. Thought the combi was a lil off at first but it was surprisingly good !
First time i tried - a little salty
Second time - just right!
Both time - the liver was always cooked right! Not too raw/overcooked.

Ginger chicken:
For someone that doesn’t like ginger, I must say that i enjoyed their ginger chicken a lot! Not too sure why but mmm😋

Century egg porridge with cuttlefish:
Add egg! Definitely makes the porridge more flavourful. Remember to remove all the ginger (if u hate ginger) before mixing everything! 😖
IMO: Tasted a little bland but a little soy sauce and pepper boosts the flavour.
Overall, a very simple dish and what I enjoyed is that it is not salty unlike the porridge u find outside. Wont have to drink a lot of water after a meal here 👍🏻

Wasn't fantastic imo. Tuna soso... Salmon don tasted better.
Serving size was a lil small too 🤔
Absolutely not filling. Felt like kids portion

Taste of durian is just right. Not jelak.
The sponge cake between is soft and moist. 👍
Worth the try

Boom Za

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