Raw fish 😋:
As good as it looks yum yum

Must order: watercress w pork liver
Pork liver was well cooked not over-cooked. Thought the combi was a lil off at first but it was surprisingly good !
First time i tried - a little salty
Second time - just right!
Both time - the liver was always cooked right! Not too raw/overcooked.

Ginger chicken:
For someone that doesn’t like ginger, I must say that i enjoyed their ginger chicken a lot! Not too sure why but mmm😋

Century egg porridge with cuttlefish:
Add egg! Definitely makes the porridge more flavourful. Remember to remove all the ginger (if u hate ginger) before mixing everything! 😖
IMO: Tasted a little bland but a little soy sauce and pepper boosts the flavour.
Overall, a very simple dish and what I enjoyed is that it is not salty unlike the porridge u find outside. Wont have to drink a lot of water after a meal here 👍🏻