Western Bites

Western Bites

Featuring South Union Park, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Bread Yard (Galaxis), Penny University, Genius Central, Wursthans Switzerland (PLQ), Lucca's Trattoria, CALI, Park Avenue Rochester, AMANO
Ferlinda Ng
Ferlinda Ng

Cali is a nice and cosy place to share a meal, even on a Saturday night, as it’s not crowded. We had the pepperoni pizza, which was standard fare, and the smoked duck carbonara, which wasn’t overly creamy and gelat. The truffle fries were really good (my fave) and topped off the whole meal.

It was worth it as we had the Entertainer 1-for-1 deal, if not it might be a little pricey. Good to pay a visit if there are promos on!

(To note, the Entertainer 1-for-1 deals are on the pasta, burgers, fajitas and pizza.)

I was sourcing for good places to go to on the Entertainer, and my friend recommended this. I’m glad I checked this out - tucked away on a quiet inner street somewhere in Kembangan, it would have been easy to miss!

While the food doesn’t look particularly aesthetically appealing (and my photo-taking skills leave much to be desired), it tasted very, very good, esp. for the 1-for-1 half price on the Entertainer! We had the beef ragout pasta and BBQ pork ribs with sweet potato fries. The meat was tender, the sauces great and the fries absolutely divine.

Will definitely pay this place a visit again sometime, and introduce this to friends too! :)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Arteastiq, be it the Jewel or Plaza Sing branches. However, I visited the one at Jewel again recently, and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to know they’ve kept their standards high still!

I had my go-to, the crabcake breakfast, and it was very well-executed as usual, although I’m not sure if the portion has shrunk slightly over the years. We also had the honey chicken mid-joint wings, which was some of the best wings I’ve tasted in a while!

Will always be recommending Arteastiq, although it’s a bit on the pricier range :)

Been meaning to try out this place with a friend :-) It’s a really cozy place, and we had the burrata toast and tater tots.

The food was really really good, and it surprised me since some of the reviews on Burpple seemed a little skeptical!

The portion for the tater tots was huge and it had just the right amount of truffle, so as not to be too overwhelming. Definitely worth getting this as a side!

I heard from friends that Marche is no longer the only place to get good rosti and that Wursthans is a close rival - and they were right! The portions here are quite generous and the sausage is not bad; the rosti itself was quite pleasant. This food stop is tucked in a convenient space near the MRT and great for a fast and no-fuss bite :-) Would recommend!

Arteastiq is one of my favorite go-to spots, ever since Eatigo days. They make one mean crabcake breakfast! I visited the Jewel branch this time round and their quality was still tip-top. It was an enjoyable meal all around, and their lychee tea is always amazing :-)

Amano is tucked away in this sweet and cozy residential area, and is best accessed through car. The Hawaiian pizza, a staple in every menu, was pretty tasty and happiness-inducing, and the lasagna was decent too, although a bit on the thick side.

Worth another visit though, especially on the Entertainer app!

This place is quite popular, and you have to make a reservation in advance. I really liked the diverse food options available, and the salmon and roe rice bowl - while expensive ($20) - was so good. The roe was plump and huge and very generously given. It gave the whole dish flavor, and there was a bowl of salad and miso soup to go with the meal as well.

Will visit this place again for special occasions 😋

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Had been looking forward to lunch here, from all the glowing reviews. The ambience of the place was good, with chill vibes and a lot of space.

However, the salmon pasta was surprisingly quite lackluster, as the sauce was rather diluted and tasteless. Wasn’t able to finish half of the portion.

The service also was quite cold - although we had a reservation, they went through the queue systematically instead of asking for reservation parties. They also asked us not to drink our outside drinks (which is fair) but insisted on removing it to their front counter for the duration of the meal and gave us annoyed looks.

We were on the Entertainer 1-for-1 but the price didn’t feel worth it still. Would definitely opt for other places like The Tree Cafe which is cheaper but better in quality!

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Steakville has become one of my favorite places to take friends, especially on celebratory occasions. The steak is both affordable and really good, and the buttered brown chicken is amazing. I love the sides as well - the mushrooms and cheese potato are well worth the money. I don’t usually spend on sides to save on moolah, but this place makes me want to stretch my order just a little bit more 😊

Sunshine Plaza is tucked away where life isn’t so crowded, which I enjoy. Yet it’s just a stone’s throw away from the other major establishments like Plaza Sing and Cathay, and dessert is nearby and accessible. 10/10 would recommend this place!

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My friends and I tried the Gamberi e scallop pasta and
Prosciutto and rucola pizza. Both were really good and fresh, and felt really authentic too! With the Entertainer app, you can get a 1-for-1 drink tossed in too, and the iced mocha was pleasant, strong and was a nice way to complete the meal.

Unity Street is also a very pretty location, and rather nice to walk around as it’s quite aesthetic - not too crowded during lunch times. Would recommend giving this place a try if you love Italian food!


This was a most generous serving of shashouka, with the strong and authentic flavors that it’s known for. The taste and price was more than worth it, and made even better by the Burpple Beyond app. The place itself is quite spacious and a cozy place to hang out, although One North is a bit out of the way. Will definitely go back to try the other dishes though!

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