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Chill Cafes ☕️

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Mei Quan Kou
Mei Quan Kou

Aside from their famed tiramisu, do check out their brunch menu! The mega breakfast we ordered came in generous portion and is definitely perfect for sharing. Like many breakfast platters, this came with two plump and juicy sausages, crispy bacon strips, fluffy scrambled eggs, golden hash browns, soft sourdough bun and some sautéed mushrooms and greens by the side. Nothing beats a good and hearty breakfast like this to kick-start our day! On top of the delicious food and cosy interior, we would also like to applaud the service crew for being so friendly and attentive to our needs. This is definitely a place we would visit again!


We are back at Communal Place again! This time to try out their French Toast! The thick brioche toast cubes were pan-fried to a nice golden brown and was crispy on the exterior, and super soft and pillowy in the centre. The underside of the toast was smeared with a nice layer of Nutella and is topped with ample Oreo and cookie bits to give the dish that extra crunch. Be sure to spread that cube of butter and drizzle some maple syrup for that extra sweetness and richness of flavour! While this may not the best French Toast we have tasted, it is still worth trying to satisfy a sweet tooth.

On top of the pasta dishes we have ordered, we also decided to give the grilled pork chop a try to see how a classic dish like this would fare in this café. One thing for sure, we were impressed by the presentation of the grilled pork chop when served. The thick slab of meat was grilled to perfection with beautiful seared marks. The tender and juicy pork chop was accompanied by the smooth and velvety mashed potatoes, sweet softened apples slices, and braised purple cabbage that helps add a splash of colour onto the entire plate. Served by the side was a white cream-based sauce for you to dip and pair the meat with. Although we like how moist and flavourful the pork was, we felt that the sweet notes from the softened apple slices and white cream-based sauce does not really go well with this savoury dish. Thus, we might probably give this dish a miss the next time we visit.

Located behind Serangoon Stadium, Eleven Strands is a well-hidden café serving delectable French-Italian cuisines. Famed for their pasta dishes, we decided to give their signature beef short rib pasta a try! Although the linguine we opted for was slightly too hard for our liking, the perfectly seasoned red wine sauce that coated the pasta made up for it! Hidden beneath the strands of linguine were huge chunks of slow-cooked beef short ribs. These short ribs were fork-tender and have perfectly absorbed the essence of the red wine sauce. We can totally feel the robust red wine sauce oozing out of the tender meat with every bite we took. We feel that this dish is definitely worth your calories and money as they were very generous with the portion of short ribs. We will be back to try more dishes next time!


It is usually quite hard to find a good choux pastry, but South Union Park’s rendition of this classic French pastry was simply delightful! The light and airy choux pastry was generously piped with mildly sweet hazelnut bavarian cream and topped with candied hazelnut bits on the crisp exterior for that added crunch. We like how the dessert wasn’t too cloying and feel that it is perfect for those who are looking for a light dessert to complete their meal!

Another dish worth mentioning from this café is their perfectly marinated pork chop. The generous portion of meat was accompanied with creamy mash potato, glazed vegetables and interestingly – cranberry sauce. We love how the café chose to use the thicker bone-in pork chop for this dish! This allows the meat to get a nice golden sear and gorgeous caramelised crust on both the sides and edges while retaining its tenderness and juiciness. Additionally, we also loved how it is paired with cranberry sauce for that added sweet and sour profiles, which surprisingly balances out the meaty flavour from the pork. Do note that this dish will take slightly longer to be served, but it is worth the wait and we would most definitely order this again next time!

We were puzzled when we were handed a pair plastic gloves when the dessert was served. Apparently, we were supposed to drop the chocolate dome onto the plate to break it open! We excitedly wore the gloves and playfully dropped the chocolate dome onto the plate. Upon impact, the chocolate scattered beautifully into large chocolate pieces and in the process revealing the other goodies (honeycombs, oreo bits, walnuts and popping candies!) that were hidden in the hollow dome. Due to the popping candies, your mouth will be filled with a crackling sensation as they start to pop, and this interesting addition definitely make the dish more interesting and fun to eat! Don’t forget to drizzle the caramel sauce and condensed milk shots served separately on the side for added sweetness~ This is probably the most memorable dessert experience we have ever encountered! Love how the cafe strives to create a dish that is not just delicious but also visually appealing and fun at the same time! Do come and experience it yourselves!

Visited this cafe on a rainy Saturday to have our brunch. Due to the weather, the café is surprisingly less crowded than what we expected. Hence, we were given a huge table in a very cosy corner~ The Miso Salmon served was nicely pan-seared with skin crisped and moisture nicely locked into the tender slab of salmon. The glazed miso on the salmon gave the dish a pleasant sweet and savoury note and we totally love it! This pan-seared salmon is also accompanied by a scoop of creamy mash potato and glazed veggies. Although the mashed potato might be a bit too buttery to our liking, we like how balanced the entire dish is and would order it again the next time we visit!

At Chock Full of Beans, foam is where the art is~ After seeing photos of all the cute 3D latte art on social media, we decided to make our way down to Changi Village to witness it ourselves! Aside from their the famous 3D foam latte, we were also expecting to try their Brulee French Toast. Sadly, we were informed that the cafe no longer serves them. However, they do have several other brunch items that look pretty appetising as well!

Do note that 3D latte art is only available for iced coffee and is strictly by request only! So, do remember to input your request in the comment box when ordering. We requested for a 3D foam piggy on our iced mocha and even added the piggy emoji in the comment box so that the barista can better visualise our request~ 🐷

It took a while for the coffee to be served but the wait was worth it. We were totally delighted by the cute foam piggy on our iced mocha! However, the ordinary tasting mocha made us wonder if it is really worth paying a premium for this. Anything for the ‘gram I guess! ☺️

What’s better than French Toast? A Croissant French Toast! Unlike traditional French Toast which has a firmer bite and crispy edges, the croissant version is warm and soft with an airy texture. The almond flakes sprinkled on the croissant added a nutty profile to the dish and helps give a crunch to every bite we took. The tartness from the berries help cut the sweetness from the maple syrup that was generously drizzled on the croissant. The next time you are planning an outing to Botanic Gardens, do come and check this cafe out! 🙂

On our adventure to discover chill cafes in the East, we made our way down to South Union Park to try their signature duck confit tagliatelle! The creamy sauce topped with hazelnut and generous amount of duck meat made this pasta a pleasant dish. However, we are not a fan of the thickness of the pasta, which kind of reminds us of meepok (we would prefer mee kia 😆). The next time we are back, we would probably skip this dish and try the other breakfast items on the menu.

This french toast was visually appealing and definitely insta-worthy! The layer of hardened caramelised sugar from the top layer of the creme brulee give the toast an interesting texture. In the middle is a soft layer of toast that was infused with a sweet cream. When eaten with the berries, you can expect a pleasant mixture of flavours!

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