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Elle Ary
Elle Ary

The Populus Scramble consisted of basic ingredients like turkey bacon, croissant, scrambled eggs with herbs (essentially spring onions and big red chilli).

Not a very good photographer (esp for food), but plating was well done, enough for me to take like a pro for once.

The textbook scrambled eggs was a win for me, the herbs gave it a slight Asian twist. But apart from that, nothing to shout about, no complexity nor depth in flavours. Croissant was very mediocre, and after 3 mouths it was all really one-dimensional. I couldn’t finish it. It just did not make the cut for such price point ($22 bef GST & svc charge).

Hesitant to come back, but if I do then I’d probably try something else. Also, there was not much viable options for my poor vegetarian friend. Her favourite mushrooms were already pre-mixed with garlic so no customisations.

Taste - 7/10
Price - 5.5/10
Ambience - 7/10

The dish was simple, it contained cheese, pork cutlet, and some mushroom. I must say the pork cutlet was SOOO juicy and well-seasoned (a tad salty especially with the cheese). But nothing too fantastic and was jelak after 3 mouths. I can order something similar elsewhere at a much more affordable price. Not worth even with Burpple Beyond.

You will be better off visiting them for their coffee and brunch menu instead.


First of all, im glad the pasta was al dante and they were rather generous with the mushroom. The truffle taste was not very overpowering, this dish just tasted like mushroom and they were very heavy on the salt. Overall, I felt the all-day mains are not worth its price point. I would not return for dinner even with Burpple Beyond deals.


I ordered ‘The Classic’ sandwich, sourdough bread sandwiched with ham and 2 cheeses. The sourdough is what makes it really unique, i really enjoyed it. This was paired with a white coffee. Something to take note of is that their coffee comes in 3 sizes, all with 1 shot, the only difference is in the amount of milk. The pretty looking coffee was quite well-bodied, with a good bitterness from the coffee. Overall, I was so satisfied, so were my friends! This only costed about $12 nett which was so affordable. 100% would recommend, as this place was situated only 3 min from the mrt exit which was SOO convenient. That is something that is pretty rare for a cafe. Would definitely come back to try other things on the menu.

Food: 7/10
Price: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Location: 9/10

Price (nett)
The Classic: $7.20
White Coffee: $4.50

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I ordered the Passionfruit Cruffin and a cup of Ice Latte. Flavours came together really nicely, where we have the tanginess coming from the passionfruit curd, balanced off nicely with the sugar coating. Not to mention the perfect textbook crossaint texture; crispy on the outside with the distinct pastry layers in between.

My mates had the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and Mushroom Truffle Alfredo. As expected from one of their best sellers, the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. As for the pasta, my friend is vegetarian and they were able to accomodate to her dietry needs, so kudos to them. Despite having to omit the garlic or onion, the pasta was fragrant. Perfectly cooked Al Dente pasta and the truffle was not too overpowering, making it very easy to sit through.

Overall, fantastic job! Bang for you buck and really high quality of food. Highly Highly recommended. They have decent coffee as well so do check them out.

Price List:
Passionfruit Cruffin - $5.00
Ice Latte - $5.50
Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict - $14.00
Mushroom Truffle Alfredo - $12.00

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