The Populus Scramble consisted of basic ingredients like turkey bacon, croissant, scrambled eggs with herbs (essentially spring onions and big red chilli).

Not a very good photographer (esp for food), but plating was well done, enough for me to take like a pro for once.

The textbook scrambled eggs was a win for me, the herbs gave it a slight Asian twist. But apart from that, nothing to shout about, no complexity nor depth in flavours. Croissant was very mediocre, and after 3 mouths it was all really one-dimensional. I couldn’t finish it. It just did not make the cut for such price point ($22 bef GST & svc charge).

Hesitant to come back, but if I do then I’d probably try something else. Also, there was not much viable options for my poor vegetarian friend. Her favourite mushrooms were already pre-mixed with garlic so no customisations.

Taste - 7/10
Price - 5.5/10
Ambience - 7/10