Food Reviews

Food Reviews

Featuring Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Gyu Nami (Orchard Gateway), The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Working Title Burger Bar, Shake Farm (Robinson), The Mad Sailors, Merely Ice Cream (Our Tampines Hub), Cafe de Paris (313@Somerset), The Bettership (The Cathay)
Siti Nurhaidah Anuwar
Siti Nurhaidah Anuwar

We got the following flavours with the burpple beyond deals:
- Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Streusel
- Ispahan
- Lavender Milk Chocolate
- Oui (Lychee White Peach)
- Paris Brest
- Salted Caramel
- Tiramisu
- Vanilla & Caramelised Pecans

The eclairs look presentable and the overall taste have a nice balance of sweetness and creaminess.

We got the creme chocolate and creme dark chocolate using the burpple beyond deals. Compared to dark chocolate, the creme dark chocolate drink does not have a bitter taste.

We ordered the Miso Mayo and Garlic Butter Angus Beef Donburi. The beef portion for both donburi is very generous and it comes with perfect onsen egg. The combination of the sauce and meat compliment well with each other. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

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Using the 1-for-1 deals from burpple beyond, we ordered the iced chocolate and iced latte. The iced latte taste like any normal latte with sugar. The iced chocolate lack a chocolatey taste. Good for those who prefer a mild chocolate drink.

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Unless you are craving for this types of pies and have eaten similar pies before, if it’s your first time trying such pies, the taste will be a hit and miss. The pies are all well made and are true to the pies description. It’s recommended for pies lovers with burpple beyond deal.

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The cookies & cream is a vanilla soft serve with Oreo crumbles and 1 oreo cookie. The durian chendol is packed with chendol flavour and durian purée. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

The cod fish is a bit tasteless in our opinion. Ok to try if you craving for fish & chips.

The prawnto pasta with its combination of prawns, alfredo and tomato sauce compliments well with each other.

For the sambal fish & chips, the sambal has a slight vinegar taste and in our opinion, it doesn’t go well with the fish & chips.

Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

The spicy popcorn chicken portion is a lot and is well seasoned with the right amount of spiciness. The stewed beef brisket taste like tomato soup and have a mild taste and the beef is quite tender. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

We ordered the Sous Vide Rib Eye (Medium Well) and Lamb Shank with Tango Berry Mocktail and Fly Me To The Moon Mocktail.

The lamb shank can be more tender whereas the rib eye is quite tough on some areas and there isn’t much gravy to go along with the meat.

We prefer the Tango Berry Mocktail as it taste sweeter as compared to Fly Me To The Moon Mocktail as it’s more sourish and the Sprite taste is quite strong. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.


Ordered the 2 meat and 1 veggies combo. The butter chicken is good and the stir fry egg with veggies and the slice beef is nice. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

The Valrhona Chocolate ice cream taste like dark chocolate. We prefer the roasted pistachio flavour. Worth the burpple beyond deals if you choose the flavours that you like.

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