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Featuring Singapore, Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery (Penang Road), My Muffin Musings (Northshore Plaza II)
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Got the Roll Cake bundle so I could try most of the flavours (except for Hojicha); soft and fluffy, generously filled with cream. Roasty fragrant black sesame, matcha which I’d have preferred a slightly more intense/ bitterness, coffee which was quite strong, and bittersweet chocolate that was similar to the dark chocolate creamux from the Chocolate Crumble Cake so we really liked it! Safe to say we loved all the roll cakes. Also got a box for my grandma - pretty sure it’ll be something the folks would enjoy too with its soft moist texture and cream that is light and isn’t cloying😋

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Nothing too over the top in design, but the Chocolate Crumble was a fantastic chocolate cake. Layers of chocolate sponge, smooth dark chocolate creamux that was rich and bittersweet, with a nice crunchy hazelnut feuilletine. Well balanced in terms of flavours and texture, everyone really enjoyed this!

(Pick up in Pasir Ris or islandwide delivery at $15)

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Ordered this Ondeh Ondeh cake from @seesbakes for a birthday celebration and it was really good - safe to say everyone loved it!

Layers of fluffy, moist fragrant pandan sponge, gula melaka that was not overly sweet, light whipped cream, coated with grated coconut shavings. Light and fluffy, like a dream. Shirley was really sweet and included a pretty birthday tag for me too!

Would definitely recommend if you love Ondeh Ondeh because this is probably one of the best I’ve tried so far. Simply hop over to @seesbakes to place your orders via an online form. Eyeing the lychee martini next!!! 😗

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predominantly alcoholic festive box consists of Peppermint Baileys Brookie Sandwich, Sticky Date Rum& Raisin Walnut Bundt, BlackForest Chocolate and Chipotle Speculoos Brownie.

Couldn’t decide what I liked best😂 The super rich, chocolatey peppermint brookie (though bailey’s was rather subtle); the sweet, boozy rum& raisin Bundt with crunchy walnut for good textural contrast, moist BlackForest cake with juicy cherries within; or the immensely interesting chipotle speculoos brownie which had a spicy aftertaste.

Really liked the bakes and it’s a pleasant reminder that holidays are here! Although this round’s bakes are slightly on the sweeter side as opposed to the previous rounds, we still enjoyed all of it as usual🤗

Ordered Scallop Abacus Seeds from @madam.yam to share with my family and everyone loved it!

Mouthfuls of savory goodness, the yammy abacus seeds were soft and slightly chewy (some may prefer a chewier texture, but I liked this). Seasoned just right, with generous ingredients of black fungus, dried shrimps, mushrooms, dried scallops, minced meat; side condiments of fragrant fried shallots which gave a nice crisp and chilli was great too.

Pricey, but really enjoyable and considering the labour required for abacus seeds, quality + the generosity in ingredients here, will definitely order this again.

Jingle Bombes from @sourbombebakery. These were very pretty and delish. The flavour pairings were well thought out and was pleasantly surprised by how the bombolonis were not too sweet nor greasy.

All good, but particularly liked the refreshing, slightly tart ruby chocolate with yuzu; and Basil Cream with Rhubarb for the fragrance of basil, zesty lemon and lime custard, with tangy rhubarb compote!


As usual, enjoyed these pretty bakes by @kypatisserie (thanks for the giveaway!!🤩)

Pastry gift box V3 consists of a selection of tarts, choux puff and tiramisu. Was glad to have a bigger sized Ispahan tart cos we loved it from the previous box. The delicate floral fragrance from the rose cream, lychee and slight tang from raspberry jelly was a dream. The improved Dulcey Cognac tart was also fantastic! The caramelised white chocolate wasn’t cloying; definitely less sweet compared to previous box’s and I loved the nuttiness + subtle hint of cognac.

The crisp choux puffs were generously filled with smooth cream - both the Gianduja and earl grey chocolate were delightful!

While I prefer boozy tiramisu, this is the first time I’ve had tea-infused tiramisu and it was good! Loved the slight bitterness present in both matcha and hojicha. Would’ve been perfect if there were more tea-soaked biscuit with the smooth mascarpone cream😛

Pandan basque burnt cheesecake / mango sago tart/ mocha gateau / banana bread - this was another dessert box that I enjoyed previously. Favourite would be the mocha gateau with an intense coffee fragrance, rich chocolatey and not cloying!

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Won credits from a giveaway by @rbfbakes, glad my indecisiveness led to picking all 3 available flavours for the month even though it meant having to top up, cos these cookies disappeared pretty fast.

Unanimous favourite would be the very addictive crunchy cornflakes with raisin cookies, light buttery base and not too sweet. Feels like cny all over again 😛

Sea salt dark chocolate was great too. Crisp, slightly sweet but the classic addition of salt gives quite a good balance, and I liked that there was gooey chocolatey goodness in every bite. A little messy, but the good kind (So no one can steal my cookies and get away with it HA).

Enjoyed the Earl Grey Tea cookies. Mildly buttery and I loved the melt-in-your-mouth texture. Pleasantly subtle, though I’d have liked an even stronger earl grey flavour.

@Maira.yeo’s Version 2 had even more interesting flavours - I don’t think I’ve had rhubarb before, much less in a cute dainty financier which was addictively good.

Not usually a fan of oatmeal but the chewy blueberry cardamom oatmeal cookie was one I didn’t mind - probably could pass off as breakfast and a delish one at that. And lastly, a hand pie with light pastry and the fig/ pomegranate filling was not too sweet. Plus it was cute and looked like honey stars! ⭐️

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The very aesthetically pleasing Olive Oil Yoghurt Lemon Loaf by @Maira.yeo was moist, delightfully zesty and not too sweet. Also a great hit with the folks!

Hop over to her ig for the next preorder (currently closed) - 80% of profits are going to charity and you get yummy bakes while doing good☺️

Had purchased them not for myself previously, so glad I finally got my hands on @maira.yeo’s bakes before she changes menu😄.

Loved that 80% of profit goes to charity (Healthserve & #umbrellainitiativesg), plus the bakes were delish!

Really enjoyed the Candied Ginger & Buckwheat financiers - fun sized but packs a good flavour - moist, fragrant, accented with interesting candied ginger.

The Pecan miso brown butter cookies was also my favourite. Pleasantly savory, chewy with bits of crunchiness from the pecans.

Crackly Chocolate Brownie Cookie was crisp on the edges, this chocolatey goodness is on the sweeter side but the seasalt does help to cut through the sweetness.

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